WWE NXT Smackdown

Hey Scott,

Since there’s so many people in NXT that should be on the main roster and they’re going to have to raid the roster anyway for the roster split, why not bring the entire brand over and merge it with Smackdown? Then whatever people should be in developmental like The Drifter, No Way Jose, Carmella, Bliss, etc they can just buy EVOLVE for peanuts and use that for their true developmental program.

The name of the show​​
would be WWE NXT Smackdown so why would USA Network even care if they did this? There would still be that WWE watermark in the corner. This would make the roster split unique, RAW would have the WWE Champions and Smackdown would be NXT Champions. You can still bring over the guys that are rumored to be on Smackdown…Cena, Styles, New Day, etc and mix him with the NXT guys. What better way to push the initiative of the New Era then to start off with all fresh talent as Smackdown’s champions, American Alpha, Asuka, and Samoa Joe? How awesome would it be to add Joe to the Styles/Cena feud and have it now involve the NXT World Heavyweight Championship? They could play on the fact that Joe and Cena trained together when they were both new to the business and AJ and Joe have had a long history as well. One 5 star triple threat match involving them would make the NXT title legit.

​No way this would work. USA would absolutely care that the secondary brand is on the show they’re trying to create as the new top one, for one thing. For another, most of the guys on the NXT roster are not ready for live TV​, which is why they’re in NXT. Once you go past Nakamura / Balor / Joe / Bayley / Carmella / Asuka / Alpha / Revival, you’ve pretty much run out of guys to raid. And most of them are going to get called up as a part of the brand extension anyway as it is! They’re already raiding talent for NXT as fast as they can, and there’s just not enough out there.