Brain Busters WWF Tag Team Title Run

If the Brain Busters hadn’t decided to leave the WWF for WCW, would they have had the belts longer, perhaps done the rematch with Demolition at WM VI? Did Vince ever try to recruit either Arn or Tully to come back at any time after they left?

​No, Tully burned all his bridges with WWE on the way out. Vince essentially only wanted Arn in the first place and just kind of took Tully as a favor. And then once Arn got back to WCW there was no way that Vince was ever going to offer him the kind of money that they did.

As for their title reign, it was definitely going longer if they didn’t jump back. They were contracted for a long time and Demolition wasn’t in the plans to get the belts back at all, and only regained them because it was basically an emergency change. I think, extrapolating from what we know about future plans at the time, that it would have been building to the Hart Foundation winning them at WM6. The plans had apparently been for the Harts to get them from Andre & Haku before Vince changed his mind in 1990, so it would make sense that it would be the logical match had the Busters kept the belts.​