TNA pickups

Call me crazy, but I think a few TNA guys would make interesting additions to WWE.

You’re CRAZY.

What do you think about…


I have literally never seen a single match from him, either as Derrick Bateman or his current gimmick, because his WWE run came when I wasn’t watching the current product and his TNA run came after I stopped reviewing TNA for good. So he currently exists in a box for me for he’s Schroedinger’s Cat as far as talent and potential goes. He COULD be terrible and he COULD be World champ of Smackdown, but we’ll never know until he lock him into a box with a radioactive isotope and find out what happens for science.

Jeff Hardy

Only if they can also re-hire Mike Adamle to constantly get his name wrong. ​​


I feel like he’ll need a few years in NXT to learn to work first.

…some hot chicks that I don’t remember the name of

Got enough of those already, plus a bunch imported from Australia via Lance Storm’s school. If it was 5 years ago I’d give Velvet Sky a job so she could stand there and not do or say anything on TV, but I feel like she couldn’t even pull that off these days.

Other people who I don’t know the name of because I don’t watch TNA.

​One thing is for sure: Bram will never leave. ​