Blog Question

Hey Scott,
Do you ever remember a time where they were outright turning multiple people just to spite the crowd? It is clear the majority of fans want Styles and Rollins as the top 2 babyfaces but the company insists on forcing them to be heels to further push Reigns and Cena, who both never get full crowd support. I mean this isn’t just one guy anymore like Bryan, this is trickling to multiple people with those 2 as prime examples. This does not look promising for the New Era/Brand Split Part Deux. What are your thoughts on how much longer they can get away with pushing solely who they want in the direction only they want?

​Well, I mean, that’s how wrestling has always worked, man. It’s only become more noticeable recently because apparently Vince is terrible at his job as of late, but the whole point of the business is to push the guys you want and make the fans think they’re the guys THEY want. ​