Half a decade

hey Scott

long time fan of yours … so half the decade is done … your top 5 so far ?

I’m gonna guess punk cena Chicago is up there if not numero uno for you

I’d go Brock punk and hhh taker in a cell myself

So we’re going with 2011-2016 as the criteria? I dunno, some guy got mad at me on Twitter because I only gave AJ v. Roman ***, so apparently I’m treading on dangerous ground.

It was the greatest match in 12 years!  I guess it should clearly be #1 on my list because this guy says so.

Punk-Cena would be my clear #1, I think, although Cena-Brock #1 would be goddamn close without the bad finish. I just love that match so much. There was a couple of Tanahashi v. Okada matches from the time period as well that would easily crack the list. Plus of course that match from the TNA Knockouts PPV this year. Cena v. Brock might have had brutal violence, but no one was screaming “MY VAG! MY VAG!” so I have to give the TNA match the edge there.