WWF Superstars of Wrestling – July 23rd, 1988

July 23, 1988

From the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

This week, Andre the Giant & Ted DiBiase will respond to Randy Savage’s challenge of a tag team match. In action will be the Ultimate Warrior, King Haku, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Demolition


Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Reno Riggins

Jesse hypes the next segment, which will apparently have Craig DeGeorge interview Andre & DiBiase as they give their response regarding Savage’s challenge of a tag team match. Honky works over Riggins in the corner as the announcers talk about his feud with Brutus Beefcake. Honky stays in control until putting Riggins away with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (2:08).

Thoughts: They touched upon the Honky/Beefcake feud a bit but the main thing here was that the next segment would feature the decision made by DiBiase & Andre.



Craig DeGeorge is on the interview platform with Bobby Heenan, Andre the Giant, Virgil, and Ted DiBiase. He first asks Heenan is response to Savage’s challenge of a tag team match. Heenan responds by stating he met with WWF President Jack Tunney and will only accept under one condition: which is that they get a real, manly referee that can control the match. Jesse tells us that is not the biggest announcment as DeGeorge lets us know a guest referee has been signed and that its no other than……………….Jesse Ventura! Vince is in disbelief as DiBiase pulls out a fan of $100 bills as all of the heels on the platform start laughing. Great segment. Last week’s teasing by Jesse was brilliant too as he kept questioning who would be capable of maintaining order of these men, noting that their current referees could not do the job. Plus, it gives the heels the advantage as they can imply to the fans that Jesse is being bought off.



Bob Emory vs. Ultimate Warrior

Emory tries a sneak attack but ends up getting clotheslined. Warrior hits another clothesline as Vince still can not get over how Tunney named Jesse the guest referee for the upcoming tag match. We get a psychotic, tangential insert promo from Warrior as he continues to overpower Emory until putting him away with the press slam/splash combo (1:40).

Thoughts: Another dominating squash match for the Ultimate Warrior as Vince was busy on commentary selling the shock over the announcement that Jesse was named the guest referee.



Sean Mooney is in the Event Center to hype up the August 6th Boston Garden show. We hear from the Hart Foundation as they let the Rougeau Brothers know they are back and better than ever without Jimmy Hart. Jim Duggan then runs down Andre for their Lumberjack Match.



We are shown the replay of Demolition destroying Rick Martel and giving him a concussion, which sidelined him until the end of the year.



Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Dave Lanning & Brian Costello

Demolition beats on Costello to start the match as the announcers put them over for being strong and smart. Jesse notes how he was a tag team wrestler and that will make him a great guest referee for a tag match as Vince asks him if he ever won a WWF Tag Team Title as that lead to a funny exchange. We get an insert promo from Demolition as they gloat about taking out Strike Force then brag about hospitalizing their opponents. Lanning tags in and he looks to be about 19 years old and about 160 lbs as Demolition quickly puts him away with the Decapitation (2:42).

Thoughts: The story here is that no team is capable of beating Demolition due to their strength and power.



Another ad for SummerSlam



Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

The crowd goes nuts for Duggan, the hometown guy. The announcers speculate as to who Savage will chose as his partner as Duggan hypes up the crowd. The crowd is going nuts as Duggan takes control of the match. We are shown Duggan in an insert promo as he tells Savage he is there for a partner if needed and shortly after that, Duggan gets the win with a Three Point Stance (1:41).

Thoughts: Duggan reminds wildly over with the crowds, especially in his hometown. They also teased that Duggan might be Savage’s partner, which made sense given the fact he was feuding with Andre at this time.



Mooney is back in the Event Center to hype the August 6th Boston Garden show. Ron Bass and Koko B. Ware are shown in separate promos as they hype up their match.



We hear from the Killer Bees, who are still pissed about the Rougeau Brothers but still manage to plug the WWF Ice Cream Bars. Nice to see them find joy out of something.



“Ravishing”  Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Joe Milano

Jesse talks about the article on Rude and Cheryl Roberts in this month’s “WWF Magazine” as Rude clotheslines Milano. Rude gyrates a bit then hits a slam as Vince asks Jesse if DiBiase bought him off as the referee. Jesse talks about not needing to be bought off as his first residual check from the Predator VHS release came in the mail then after that Rude hits the Rude Awakening for the win (1:33). After the match, Rude gives a lady, who was not very attractive, the Rude Awakening.

Thoughts: A quick win for Rude as they continue to hype his feud against Jake Roberts.



WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is the Tag Team Division and the two top challengers for Demolition’s titles: The Bolsheviks and the Powers of Pain. We see clips of both teams in action then we hear from the Bolsheviks and Slick, who warn the Powers of Pain about longevity and how they will whip them all the way across town. They really just seemed to do this to find a way to have the Powers of Pain feud with Demolition because I do not think anyone would seriously consider the Bolsheviks as #1 contenders.



A Big Bossman vignette as he tells us we will have to ask for him when getting out from the hole.



Hart Foundation vs. Scott Casey & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo

Poffo’s poem is about how it was wonderful that the Hart Foundation fired Jimmy Hart. Neidhart beats on Poffo to start. Hart tags as Poffo takes him down with a clothesline and tags out. Hart catches Casey with an elbow smash as Vince asks Jesse if the referee is doing a good job in this tag match. We hear from Jimmy Hart in an insert promo as he is fed up with the Hart Foundation and reminds them of their contract and hints at getting revenge. Vince then asks Jesse if he is tempted by DiBiase’s money as Jesse denies while Vince questions Tunney’s decision to make him the referee as the Hart Foundation put Casey away with the Hart Attack (3:43).

Thoughts: The Hart Foundation were really over here as the fans are starting to get behind them as an act. Based off of Hart’s insert promo, you can sense that he is going to get a team together to feud with the Hart Foundation.



Another ad for SummerSlam



Jerry Allen vs. King Haku w/ Bobby Heenan


Before the match, Heenan attempts to get the crowd to bow for Haku. The crowd booed as Haku stood there stone-faced. Haku tells Allen to try and knock him down then takes him over with a hiptoss. Haku yells and poses on his knees as we hear an insert promo from Haku, who tells us everyone will bow to his feet. Haku rakes the eyes then Allen comes back with a few punches. Allen misses a crossbody then Haku drills him with a thrust kick for the win (2:26). After the match, Jesse said he is going to find out who will be Savage’s partner and says it better not be Duggan.

Thoughts: So far, the King Haku gimmick does not seem to be going anywhere. He really didnt have the type of charisma needed for the role to be successful. You need arrogance for that role and that was something he did not really possess. Although, I liked his insert promo when he basically threatened to make people bow to him. If they went that route with the gimmick, by having Haku force his opponents to bow and threaten the crowd, maybe it could have evolved into something bigger.



Mooney is back in the Event Center. We hear from Jimmy Hart and the Honky Tonk Man as they are upset about Beefcake’s “girlfriend” Georgia and how its obviously George Steele. We then hear from Randy Savage as he lets DiBiase know that the party is over for both him and Virgil.



Next week, Randy Savage will announce his tag team partner to go up against Ted DiBiase & Andre the Giant.



Final Thoughts: I thought this show was excellent. The angle with Jesse becoming the referee was brilliant and they created a lot of intrigue with next week’s announcement by Savage naming his partner. They hinted at Duggan during the show and it was good enough where you could have believed that as the case. This show did a great job at making sure you tuned in next week and that is the main goal.



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