The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Brimstone

Long time listener, first time carrier pigeon breeder. I don’t know if this has ever been talked about on the Blog before, but Brimstone has been a source of interest of me & some of my friends for some time. Now, I know what most of your readership is probably thinking – "what the bitch is Brimstone?"

A *cough* professional wrestler from the New York area, Brimstone gained some level of e-infamy some years back for his deluded method of self-promotion that puts Triple H and Hulk Hogan COMBINED to shame, especially considering all he’s *cough* accomplished. That’s a lot of H’s. I knew there were articles about him online & skimmed them a few years ago, but I never read them fully because I kind of knew the guy already. He’s a close friends’ brother-in law.

I saw this friend recently and while talking wrestling he updated me on more recent antics of Brimstone, as it had been a while & I needed a good laugh. Then I Googled him again, and I find this updated article that was posted ON MY FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY. I decided I had to share it with all my fellow Doom Buggies (hey, at least it’s not "Otters").

This quote sums it up pretty well I think – "As insane as Brimstone has seemed from everything, this has to be a parody account. I just don’t believe any of this anymore. The sky is green. 2+2=5."

By the way… it’s real, and it’s spectacular.

​Oh man, the comments from supposedly unbiased "Brimstone fans" at the end just killed me, with TNA Mecca-level stuff about how "everyone is talking about him" and all his appearances at conventions and s---. ​Brimstone would be writing for the blog.