What’s the point with Brock anymore?

> So now they claim WWE has nothing planned for Brock. Since losing the title to Seth, Brock’s big money contract has been used on one rematch with Seth used entirely to set up an Undertaker feud… Again. Then instead of showing up take his back after Seth gets hurt he disappears until the Rumble, where he’s eliminated to start a feud that never happens with the Wyatts… Then he squishy squashes Dean at Mania and…
> My point is, why bother anymore? I love Brock but the only point now is for him to be set up to finally lose and so there’s ONE match for him and its Reigns spearing him for the win. There’s a million fantasy matches we’d love to see, Owens, Samoa Joe, AJ, Nakamura… But reality is reality and those aren’t happening. Why shouldn’t Vince just pay off the contract and let him walk? What big angle is there for him anymore?
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The Ambrose match was particularly irksome, because Brock came in and made him look like a geek and then left with zero follow-up. Dean got nothing out of it and neither did Brock, it was just something to kill time.