Brand Split Follow-up Question

Follow-up to the earlier question…what would you do in this spot if you were deciding? The weekly NXT shows aren’t meant to draw anything, but I think the Takeover shows have appeal to the hardcore fans. I look forward to them as much or more than most of the main roster "PPVs", and from your recent rants, it seems like you’re in agreement with that as well. Would you make this new Smackdown a version of the previous NXT with occasional specials on the Network, or would you do a true split and alternate PPVs with 2-3 big shows per year?

​The problem with the alternating PPV system was that:

1. If one brand isn’t putting out good stuff at that point, you’re getting a shit PPV every other month​ while the other brand is doing nothing. Just remember all the shows headlined by JBL or King Booker we got, for example.

2. Although having 8 weeks between shows sounds good in theory, in practice what actually happened was the writers spinning their wheels for 4 weeks with TV that wasn’t building to anything in particular. The current typewriter monkeys are trained to do a 4-week build to a monthly special, and messing with that formula just means bananas and excrement thrown all over the place.