2003 Jericho = 2016 Ambrose

Hey Scott,

Is it a fair comparison between the two? In 2003, especially after Mania, Jericho seemed to be stuck in limbo and stuck in pointless feuds. Everyone knew he was still money at the time but he was immediately cooled off for the sake of Goldberg. Fast forward to 2016 with Dean, well he’s sort of in the same spot. Just floating, feuding over a plant and talk show, making no claims to any title. Its even worse because Jericho was in his prime still and so is Dean.

​Yeah, but Jericho had already been World champion at that point and established himself as a rock star with Fozzy to boot. Ambrose is a guy who was US champion for about 8 months without ever defending it and who made it to the finals of a weak World title tournament and got destroyed by his best friend like a geek. No one has bought Ambrose as a threat to anything since Royal Rumble and he’s only getting colder. Maybe they’ll put the new Smackdown World title on him, who knows?​