Heel vs Heel matches/feuds

One of the most interesting things going on is the main event feud between Mil Muertes/Catrina vs. Manzata/Dario Cuento due to the fact that everyone is a heel in this. While Muertes seems to be the fan favorite in this feud, when he goes up against a babyface the fans treat him like a heel. Usually, when a heel goes against a heel, one of them automatically turns into the babyface, but it isn’t happening this time. I can’t think of any other time when something like this has happened. Can you?

​There was a pretty famous heel-heel feud in Texas with the Freebirds against Devastation Inc in the aftermath of the Von Erich feud, where the Freebirds were kind of de facto babyfaces but didn’t act any different. There was also a match between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage on SNME during the height of their heel runs where they both cheated like crazy, but that was just a one-off. But no, typically there’s not a lot of heel-heel feuds because it’s hard to fans to get invested in them. Matanza is more of an invader storyline at this point, where he’s running through all the guys that the fans have grown to embrace as their "cast", so that heel heat trumps the storyline heel heat that Muertes has. ​