> Since the news broke this morning has received an overwhelming amount of emails, calls, texts, faxes, and telegrams asking how it plans to cover Smackdown now that the brand split is official and Smackdown will be airing LIVE on Tuesday nights. This formal press release is being put out to address the situation.
> WILL be reviewing the very first episode of the new Smackdown, but there are no current plans to continue reviewing it beyond the first episode. That is not to say that it will definitively not happen, but it is not the plan as of right now. Plans can change and the situation will be monitored closely to see if it is viable for the brand to continue reviewing Smackdown past the first episode. Stay tuned further information on the situation will be made available as it continues to evolve. As of right now, will NOT be reviewing the new Smackdown past the first episode.

Goddamn lazy millennial. No wonder I stopped plugging your RAW reports. Do you see me taking days off?