I just wanted to take the time to bring the elephant in the room to the table: What if the unthinkable happens?

Here’s what I am saying:

1.) In 1984, no one thought an upstart shoe company from Oregon would one day turn into a global marketing force. 20 years later – Nike buys Converse. This happened…

2.) In the mid 90’s WCW was the leading wrestling entertainment company and a healthy subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting. By 2001, WWF (BEFORE it became the WWE) ends up buying WCW during the AOL/Time Warner merger. This happened.

3.) Also in the mid 90’s, Marvel filed for bankruptcy and began selling the movie rights to some of their larger characters to the major studios. 15 years later, Disney buys Marvel for 4 Billion Dollars. This happened.

With those 3 examples, has no one thought that Marvel/Disney could one day buy DC entertainment?

DC is apart of Warner. At this very moment – DC is relaunching their titles AGAIN(!!!!!) – for the umpteenth time b/c of terrible management, piss poor creativity, and god awful sales… Marvel has within the short span of less than a decade made a 10 billion dollar profit on only 13 films within a shared universe that Warner/DC never thought to exploit. As far as market share with comics, Marvel doubles DC in monthly sales…

Again, I ask the question – can anyone not see this as happening one day? My point – DC is one of the big two. It is one of the oldest comic book publishers in the US. It is home to icons within the comic book community. With all of that said, their management and their leadership seems to not know what the f#ck they are doing. Not only are their movies sub-par, their comics are slumping also. Why would Time Warner continue to hold on to an entity that isn’t making a healthy profit?

Those are my thoughts. Talk me off the ledge if you disagree. Your feedback would be appreciated…

​Yeah, but DC Rebirth looks kind of awesome. I might even stop by the comic store tonight and pick up the new #1s instead of waiting to get it digitally like I usually do.

​Also, Time-Warner did try to unload DC onto Marvel in the mid-80s. It came very close to happening just before the Crisis and there was a plan in place for Superman and Batman to be published by Marvel before things fell through at the last minute. So yeah, it could absolutely happen, although really at this point I think Warner views DC more as "IP development" where the comics division exists only to create characters that they can monetize through movies and TV. The actual comic wings of both companies have apparently been kind of giant money losers for a while now. ​