WWF Superstars of Wrestling – July 16th, 1988

July 16, 1988

From the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon. Before they preview the show, Vince reads the hat of Ventura that says “Its not a bald spot, its a solar panel for a sex machine” as Ventura starts laughing.

In action this week are the Powers of Pain, making their WWF debut. Plus, Ted DiBiase, The Rockers, Bad News Brown, and an update on the condition of Randy Savage



Powers of Pain vs. Tony Ulysses & Iron Mike Sharpe

The Barbarian starts off against Ulysses as we see Mr. Fuji in the aisle snapping photos as Jesse tells us that is nothing new as every Japanese person he sees has a camera hanging off his neck. The Powers of Pain take control as the other managers come out to scout them. The Warlord then hits Ulysses with a running powerslam and tags in the Barbarian, who gets the win with a flying headbutt (2:44).

Thoughts: They are trying the angle where all of the managers are enamored with the Powers of Pain. However, they did not impress much here and did not get a big reaction.



WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s focus in on Randy Savage getting attacked by Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant, which took place last week on the show. We are shown a clip of the attack as Hayes lets us know that Savage has issued a challenge to DiBiase & Andre for a tag match with a partner of his choosing. We will see how that plays out in the coming weeks but the announcement itself created a lot of intrigue.



A graphic appears that lets us know something called “SummerSlam” will take place on August 29th, which was on a Monday.



Tony Parks vs. Dino Bravo w/ Frenchy Martin

Parks lands a punch but Bravo ends up catching him with an inverted atomic drop. The announcers talk about Bravo’s bench press record for a bit with Jesse making fun of Vince. Bravo hits a gutwrench suplex as Martin mumbles to him in French. Bravo follows with a piledriver then stomps away before getting the win with a side slam (2:32).

Thoughts: Another TV win for Bravo. They certainly pushed that bench press record for a long time as that took place six months ago. Not much mention of Bravo’s feud with Patera as it appears to be winding down.



Chris Duffy & Scott Colontonio vs. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers

The Rougeaus flags are even smaller here. We get an insert promo from the Killer Bees as Blair warns the Rougeaus next time they see them they will break out in a bad case of the hives. Good lord. The Rougeaus beat on Colontonio as Jesse wants to talk about Savage’s challenge and who will be his partner while Vince wants to know who will be the referee. Jesse says Jack Tunney will have to lift Danny Davis’ suspension as no one else is capable. Back to the match as the Rougeaus hit Colontonio with the Rougeau Bomb for the win (3:16). After the match, Raymond holds up Duffy to allow Jacques to hit a missile dropkick.

Thoughts: The Rougeaus are becoming more insincere with each passing week, along with increased intensity in the ring. They really did a wonderful 180 with their characters during the heel turn.



Sean Mooney is in the Event Center to hype up the August 6th Boston Garden show. Brutus Beefcake tells the Honky Tonk Man he will have his “girlfriend” Georgia in his corner. He asks her to come out as we hear George Steele’s voice yelling but he does not come out. We then hear from Ted DiBiase as he laughs about paying off Andre and Heenan to distract him, leading up to his sneak attack, and how the look of horror on Elizabeth’s face made him laugh.



Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Bob Emory

Cheryl Roberts is sitting ringside. Jake slams Emery then stays in control of the match. Emory blocks  sunset flip with a punch to the face but he misses a dropkick as Jake hits the short-armed clothesline before hitting a DDT for the win (2:58). After the match, Jake dumps Damien on top of Emory.

Thoughts: They did not make much note of Cheryl here despite the fact she was sitting ringside. Roberts program with Rude continues to be on the most featured TV feuds in the promotion.



Mooney is back in the Event Center to run down the 8/6 Boston Garden show. Demolition and Mr. Fuji tell the British Bulldogs they will not survive their non-title match as Ax thinks it is sick the Bulldogs have a dog as a manager. We then hear from Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan, who runs down Hacksaw Jim Duggan to hype up their lumberjack match. Heenan asks Duggan who will be able to pick up Andre and put him back in the ring?



“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil & Andre the Giant & Bobby Heenan vs. Larry Stephens

DiBiase destroys Stephens as the announcers talk about last week’s sneak attack on Savage. Jesse believes DiBiase will accept Savage’s challenge, stating there is no one who can beat Andre, as DiBiase stays in control. Jesse still wants to know who will be able to referee the match and maintain control as DiBiase locks on the Million Dollar Dream for the win (2:39).

Thoughts: A background for the announcers to further speculate as to who will be Savage’s partner and who could possibly bring order to the match as a referee. So far, I have liked this show-long storyline.



Craig DeGeorge welcomes Don Muraco to the platform. Vince is all about Muraco’s physique. Muraco talks about Greg Valentine putting out Superstar Graham and that he will end up doing the same to him. Muraco lets us know that Graham might not be by his side but stays in his mind and heart and that Graham will be able to walk again. Muraco then screams and drools everywhere as the segment ends. Babyface Muraco, pushed due to his physique, really did not set the world on fire. While good on the mic as a heel, he stunk as a Superstar Graham ripoff during this face run.



Bad News Brown vs. Carmine Surace

Brown beats on Surace as Jesse puts over his “WWF Magazine” feature. Brown then puts away Surace with the Ghetto Blaster shortly after that (1:10).

Thoughts: A quick match as they continue to book Bad News strong as an ass-kicker.



Another graphic for SummerSlam airs.



We get a vignette of the Big Bossman, who tells us behind the prison walls he is the judge and the jury.



The Rockers vs. Steve Lombardi & Terry Gibbs

The Rockers take control as we get an insert of different fans giving their opinions of the Rockers. One girl said they were “wicked hot” as Vince seemed confused by that comment. Lombardi attacks Shawn from behind and tags out to Gibbs. Shawn fights back and tags Marty, who gets booted after ducking his head. Lombardi tags but Marty quickly takes control then tags Shawn, who gets the win with a flying body press.

Thoughts: Another showcase for the Rockers, who the WWF is trying to push as “tag-team specialists” by showcasing all of the different double-team moves in their arsenal. They are starting to become fan-favorites too early in their run.



Mooney is back in the Event Center. The Rougeaus tell the Hart Foundation that they do not need a manager and believe the Hart Foundation are confused because one minute they have a manager and the next they do not. Savage also cuts a promo on DiBiase and Andre as he promises to get revenge.



Next week in action we will see Demolition, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, King Haku, and the Ultimate Warrior. Plus, a response from DiBiase & Andre the Giant on whether or not they will accept the challenge from Savage.



Final Thoughts: An enjoyable show due to the whole angle regarding Savage vs. DiBiase & Virgil. It built up intrigue as to whether or not DiBiase will accept the challenge issued by Savage, as well as who will be Savage’s partner and the referee. With the announcement of this “SummerSlam” show, you could also assume by watching this that the match would take place on this show. Other than that, the Powers of Pain made their debut in a so-so segment and they are continuing to push the other feuds and characters that have been progressing.


Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

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