Hey Scott,

In your review, you said that the two **** matches were worth your $9.99, which got me to thinking (never a good thing).

Are the 1 million or so subscribers to the WWE Network subscribing because they want cheap PPVs, or because they want full access to the amazing library? Do you think it’s more people who casually follow and don’t want to pay $60 bucks for their monthly PPV, or is it more diehards who want the ability to watch am old MSG Tito Santana match at 3am if they really get the jones to? Or is it just people who signed up for the free month and forgot to cancel?

​It’s pretty much all PPV buyers. The library is a very minor portion of the traffic that the Network gets according to all reports. Their strategy is to get people to buy the free month for a PPV and then hope they forget to cancel, which they often do. ​