Cody’s statement

After reading Cody’s truly honest statement ,
What if any reaction and changes will be done cause of it. When a talent calls out both head writers of smack down and raw ( pretending to be Brian gerwitz and to busy hitting on development divas to return emails or talk to him) they just can’t ignore that can they?

Sure they can! Koskey has actually been there since 2001 so he’s got tenure over most of the talent now. I’ve been friends with him for a long time and he’s always been cool with me, so it’d be pretty shitty if he’s treating guys like that. Disappointed to hear that Ryan Ward is acting like that, but Bucky Beaver already set the precedent for that sort of behavior.

It’s not even unique at this point. Guys have been exiting and bitching about all kinds of stuff, and nothing has changed except for Vince doubling down on Reigns even harder.