Windham and Rotundo


How important were Windham and Rotundo as a team to the WWF in terms in 85 when the company really was exploding on a national level?

They were super over with the crowds and seemed to be the focus of the tag division during that time, even getting "Real American" for a brief period before Windham bolted.

Do they not get as much recognition as some other teams because of only being the top team for about a year there?

​I dunno if they were ever gonna be much of a real focus, just because Windham was perceived as a Dusty guy who was gonna bolt back for the NWA at the drop of a hat. And he did! I mean, obviously they really loved Windham because they spent months after he left trying to make Danny Spivey into Barry Windham 2.0, but it doesn’t seem likely that he ever would have stuck around when he could be doing big business with Flair. ​