NXT thoughts

Hi Scott,

I may be going against the grain here,but since Takeover Dallas I feel NXT gone a bit of a slump. But I felt even before then it was. Now the weekly programs are still watchable,but it feels like nothing is happening. Or that its going too slow to establish people, or having already establish people there and doing nothing,judt having them there to keep us happy, I.e Nakarmura, Aries. I mean, we have Balor/Joe again, nothing wrong with it, but it’s seems like they’re doing it cause its the only option. Where is Asuka? Beside The Revival (ugh) is there any other tag team to challenge American Alpha? The roster is there, but seeing The Drifter every week or Carmella matches isn’t setting the world on fore. I just feel the next takeover show is forced to keep us interested. Maybe i am jumping the gun and by the summer NXT takeover Brooklyn will blow us away. Just feel at the moment, NXT going slow compare to the main product.


​Well it’s kind of a hazard of the product, because WWE pretty much gutted the roster after Wrestlemania. It’s both a blessing and a curse, I guess, because I can very easily follow the product and catch up for Takeovers, but the weekly show becomes incredibly disposable outside of the occasional great main event. ​I like the main problem is that Ryan Ward, the guy who was writing all the great TV shows last year, got called up as well and now it’s reverted to the same squash-promo-squash formula that it was before. Nothing wrong with that, but nothing that makes the show must-see anymore, either. I’m pretty stoked for the cruiserweight tournament, though.

Also, please don’t talk about Carmella in the same sentence as the GODDAMN DRIFTER again or there will be consequences.