Cena’s US Open challenge 2: Challenge Harder

Ok let’s use common logic and say Rusev wins the US title only to job it back to Cena on Memorial Day Raw which is fine. Cena revives the Open Challenge… Now assuming Cena will be main eventing by Summerslam, who do you give the push too this time against Cena? It seemed like Cesaro was going to be the guy, then the injuries and we got ADR out of nowhere. You think it’s Cesaro, Owens again to make up for last year, Ambrose, or a new NXT guy???

I was gonna say maybe Apollo Crews, but what the hell happened to him? Did he just vanish off the face of the earth all of a sudden?

I’m definitely on the side of Cena winning the title back on Memorial Day and then feuding with Rusev for a few months. You can do Baron Corbin (feed him to Cena, he’s worthless anyway) and then build to the big rematch with Owens for Wrestlemania season. I really don’t think that either Vince or Cena want Big Match John back in the main events. Like it or not (but we’re PASSIONATE about it!) Vince is ride or die with Roman Reigns for the foreseeable future.