Ring of Honor Main Event Spectacles – November 1st, 2003

November 1, 2003

From the RexPlex in Elizabeth, NJ

Your hosts are Chris Lovey and Ray Murrow



We see Colt Cabana meditating backstage. CM Punk approaches as Cabana tells us he will win the Field of Honor but Punk tells him it is not about himself or Danny Maff. Punk then Cabana it is all about himself and he will win because he is a Saint. Punk did a fine job coming off as a selfish prick.



Field of Honor Block B: Colt Cabana vs. Dan Maff w/ Alison Danger

Cabana stalls and asks for a handshake but Maff refuses and chops away. Cabana fights back then forces a handshake before clotheslining Maff over the top rope. Danger gets into the ring as Cabana grabs her and starts dancing. Maff accidentally runs over Danger as Cabana dances with him. Maff catches Cabana with a clothesline before tossing him to the floor. Maff sets up for a dive but Cabana cuts him off with a clothesline. Cabana stretches out Maff as Lovey lets us know that if Maff wins tonight, a three-way final for Block B will take place at the next show with BJ Whitmer. They are back outside of the ring as Cabana tries a lot of comedy with Maff getting pissed. Maff whips Cabana into the guardrail a few times then they head back inside where Maff hits a half-nelson suplex for a nearfall. Maff blocks a tornado DDT but Cabana manages a small package for two. They trade rollups then Cabana misses a dive in the corner as Maff follows with a cannonball. They counter each others finishers then Cabana hits the Kryptonite Krunch for a nearfall. Cabana misses a moonsault then Maff hits the Burning Hammer for the win (7:26) **.

Thoughts: Not much of a match but some of what Cabana did was at least entertaining. And they set up for a three-way in the Block B finals at the next show (The Conclusion). Also, it puts more pressure on Cabana from Punk, who wanted Cabana to defeat a member of the Prophecy.



After the match, Samoa Joe runs into the ring and beats the s--- out of Maff with Jim Cornette behind him. Danger tries to hit Joe but ends up getting hit with an STO then Daniels runs in and Joe nearly blasts him with the tennis racket.Cornette grabs the mic as the crowd is rabid for Joe. Cornette is then met with a “welcome back” chant as Cornette talks about the Prophecy screwing him over the last time he was here then gets shots at Ed Ferrara and Vince Russo, who was just let go from TNA a few weeks prior. The Briscoe Brothers then come out as Cornette says they interrupted his introduction of Joe, who is not happy. The Briscoes slowly get into the ring to go after Joe then Cornette turns on Joe by whacking him from behind with the racket. A few referees run in and finally break things up then Cornette tells us that he wants to take young and hungry guys to the top and tells us the Briscoes will ascend to the top as he asks the crowd to give them love and admiration. A long segment that ended up with Cornette backing the Briscoes. The Briscoes came off looking like a big deal here and that is needed in a weak tag team division.



Special K is partying backstage. However, Izzy and Dixie are reluctant to party as they have to defend their RoH Tag Team Titles against the Briscoes tonight.



Nigel McGuinness & Xavier w/ Lollipop vs. The Purists

For those unaware, the Purists are Tony Mamaluke & John Walters. This match is also supposedly  under “Pure” rules, which means holds and counters in place of strikes. The announcers are trying to speculate whether or not Xavier is part of the Prophecy as he refuses to shake hands before the match. Walters and McGuinness go back-and-forth working the arm to start things off. Xavier tags and gets clotheslined by Walters before immediately tagging out. McGuinness and Mamaluke are in as Mamaluke works the leg after hitting a Dragon Screw. McGuiness counters and works a headlock to take the advantage. Xavier tags in and beats on Mamaluke as he was already softened up by McGuinness. Xavier uses a lot of cheap heel tactics to stay in control but Mamaluke boots Xavier in the face then works a cross-armbreaker. Xavier then picks up Mamaluke by one arm and dumps him to the floor. Xavier then taunts Walters and that distracts the referee as Xavier rams Mamaluke into the guardrail. McGuiness tags in and gets a few nearfalls. He works a Cobra Clutch that Mamaluke breaks with a jawbreaker. Mamaluke makes the tag as does Mcguiness as Walters runs wild on Xavier. He hits Xavier with a Hurricane DDT but McGuiness accidentally hits Xavier trying to break it up as the match has broken down. McGuiness hits Walters with a one-armed Pedigree but gets speared by Mamaluke. However, Xavier immediately covers Walters and gets the win (11:30) **3/4.

Thoughts: The match was solid and continued the feud between Xavier and Walters. It was also nice to see McGuinness back in RoH as well.



Matt Stryker vs. Justin Credible

These two had a match at the “Wrath of the Racket” show when Stryker pinned Credible. Neither man can gain an advantage at the start as they trade standing holds. Stryker ends up applying an armbar and works that after Credible got a nearfall with a La Magistral as the announcers tell us that Credible has been distancing himself from the Carnage Crew. Credible escapes but misses a splash in the corner as Stryker boots him off the ropes as Credible ends up getting crotched on the top rope. They end up outside where Credible sends Stryker into the guardrail a few times. Back inside, Credible roughs up Stryker. He hits rolling suplexes then works a chinlock for a bit. Stryker escapes and sends Credible into the corner as he fights back. He catches Credible with a powerslam for a nearfall but misses a quebrada then eats a super kick for a nearfall. Credible heads up top for a crossbody but Stryker rolls through that then hits a Death Valley Driver for two. Credible reverses an Irish whip then hits the That’s Incredible but Stryker manages to kick out. The announcers make a big deal out of that but the crowd does not seem to care. Stryker then puts on the Stryker Lock and Credible taps out shortly after that (10:36) **1/4.

Thoughts: A mediocre match. They tried to make this come off as some sort of major victory for Stryker but the crowd did not seem to care. Plus, Stryker beat him cleanly at “Wrath of the Racket” less than three months prior. The match started off slow and really just evolved into Stryker kicking out of a lot of moves. I have no idea on earth why Gabe Sapolsky decided to push Matt Stryker.



RoH Tag Team Title Match: The Briscoes w/ Jim Cornette vs. Izzy & Dixie w/ Special K

The Briscoes attack their opponents before the bell. Izzy & Dixie turn the tables then Izzy ends up taking care of both guys. Jay drills Izzy with a forearm smash then hits a snap suplex. Dixie tags and Jay beats him down. Mark makes a blind tag and takes down Dixie with a leg lariat in an awful spot. Mark gets two with a knee drop then the Briscoes double-team Dixie in the corner. Dixie manages to make a tag but the referee did not see it as he orders Izzy back on the apron as the Briscoes continue to beat on Dixie. The Briscoes have a miscommunication then Dixie hits a dropkick and finally makes the tag. Izzy runs wild then Dixie dives out to the floor to take out Jay. Mark climbs up but Izzy takes him off then flies out with a Fosbury Flop. Mark gets back up top but accidentally hits his partner with a shooting star press to the floor. Back inside, Mark springboards in to take Dixie off the top with an Ace Crusher. The Briscoes set up for the Doomsday Device but Izzy ducks that and hits a reverse hurricarana. Izzy then hits Mark with a Shiranui but that only gets two. The Briscoes fight back and hit Izzy with the Veg-o-Matic but Izzy was able to get his shoulder up then the Briscoes hit a springboard Doomsday Device on Izzy then Jay hits Dixie with the Jaydriller for the win and the Tag Team Titles (9:55) **3/4. After the match, Cornette does the LoD’s “what a rush” line to honor Hawk, who passed away less than two weeks before this show.

Thoughts: Better match than I expected seeing how Dixie was involved. Izzy actually impressed me a lot here but they finally took the belts off of Special K and gave them to a team with 100x more potential.



Fighting Spirit Match: Homicide w/ Julius Smokes vs. BJ Whitmer

The rules to this are instead of a ten-count, it goes up to twenty. Both guys go back-and-forth to start. Homicide works a headlock for a bit until Whitmer escapes and hits a Saito Suplex. Whitmer then flies outside with a tope as both men are down. Back inside, Whitmer hits a high knee then follows with a back suplex for two as Lovey tells us Whitmer is close to being a “main-event superstar.” Whitmer hits Homicide with his own running knees in the corner but that just ends up pissing off Homicide, who beats the crap out of Whitmer. He hits the running knee smash then goes back to beating on Whitmer. They fight up top as Whitmer hits a superplex then works a surfboard then grabs Homicide’s neck and stretches him even more. Homicide catches Whitmer with a belly-to-belly for two. Homicide hits a superplex for two then locks on an STF. Whitmer fights back but Homicide hits a headbutt and is now bleeding. Homicide busts open Whitmer with a kick to the face. Whitmer reverses an Irish whip then tosses Homicide in the corner with a German suplex. He follows with a Dragon Suplex then rolls through and hits a powerbomb but that only gets two. Whitmer heads up top and connects with a diving headbutt and is dazed on the mat while Homicide rolls out for a breather. Whitmer tries a tope but misses and crashes into the guardrail. Jesus Christ that looked painful. Back inside, Homicide hits the Cop Killa but Whitmer manages to kick out as the crowd boos. The referee’s are checking on Whitmer, who is on the floor. Whitmer then manages to just beat the twenty count as the crowd applauds. Whitmer is on the mat as Homicide consults with Smokes. Homicide then covers but Whitmer kicks out. Homicide tries for another Cop Killa but Whitmer escapes and hits a super kick. Whitmer then hits a wrist-clutch Exploder for a nearfall. Homicide places Whitmer up top and hits a super Ace Crusher then turns him inside-out with a lariat for the win (19:10) ***1/2. After the match, the referees check on Whitmer, who finally gets up and shakes hands with Homicide. Homicide walks up the aisle but Steve Corino and Guillotine LeGrande attack him from behind then tries to rip his ear off.

Thoughts: These guys worked hard and ended up having a brutal match. Those who love strong-style would like this better than most but I was entertained throughout. It also continued the Homicide/Corino feud.



Gary Michael Cappetta is with Samoa Joe, who says while he has to worry about three guys who are coming after his title, he can come to him at the end of the night for his answer regarding Jim Cornette.



Scramble Cage Match: Backseat Boyz vs. Teddy Hart & Jack Evans vs. Carnage Crew vs. Spanish Announce Team vs. Angel Dust & Hydro

The rules are that two teams start off for three minutes then other teams come in every two minutes and you can only win once all five teams are in the cage.  There are also platforms on the top corners of the cage too. The Backseat Boyz and Hart & Evans start things off. The crowd is really into Evans high-flying moves here. The action is really fast and furious here. Hart & Evans leave the cage for a bit as allowed by the rules as they are hurt. The Carnage Crew come in as they toss Hart & Evans over the guardrail before entering to beat on the Backseat Boyz. Hart is checking on Evans outside as the Spanish Announce Team now enter the match. They hit Kashmere with the Washing Machine into the cage. The Carnage Crew are busted open as the SAT’s get revenge on them from when the Carnage Crew turned on them. Angel Dust & Hydro come in but Evans and Hart have climbed the cage and are on the platform as Hart takes Evans off with a rana onto a few people. Angel Dust and Hydro hit a few dives as they are beating on the Carnage Crew inside of the cage. They double-team Evans now and nearly put him away as they are looking good here. Several guys are on the floor hurt, including some of the other Special K flunkies. Acid climbs up the outside of the cage as DeVito hits Hart with the Ki Krusher. One of the SAT’s knock Acid down as everyone is now in the cage. Hydro and Joel are on top of the platform and they struggle until Jose climbs up and they ended up hitting the Spanish Fly! Holy s---! The action spills outside as the Special K flunkies beat on the Maximos. Hart now climbs up to the platform with Evans as Hart flies off the top to the outside with a corkscrew moonsault onto several people. Evans one-ups Hart by coming off the top with a double rotation moonsault. These guys are insane. The crowd is going mental as Loc is whipping Angel Dust with a belt. The Carnage Crew hit Angel Dust with the Spike Piledriver but Acid breaks up the pin with a Mafia Kick then the Backseat Boyz hit Hydro with the T-Gimmick for the win (14:13) ****. After the match, the crowd chants “RoH.” However, the unannounced moonsaults that Hart did off the top of the cage after the match were not shown. That resulted in Hart getting tossed from the building.

Thoughts: As a match, I thought this was pretty damn entertaining. It was a trainwreck in a good way. Nothing was dull and we saw some truly insane moves. According to Hart, Evans really got hurt during the match and their hurricarana spot off of the platform got messed up then stated he got a mild concussion after the Carnage Crew sent him into the guardrail. Hart claimed to have no idea the match was over and when he came backstage, Evans told him what he did. Hart then said he offered his apologies and at first no one was mad until DeVito said he did not believe he had a concussion then started tossing his bags out of the building.



Steve Corino w/ Simply Luscious & Guillotine LeGrande vs. CM Punk vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe

This is a non-title match. Before the match, Corino’s own personal announcer, Bobby Cruise, names off every single NWA Southern Champion of all-time as Punk and Joe lay down to take a nap as the crowd chants “shut the f--- up.” Corino was the holder of that title at this time. The trolling act by Corino really was ahead of its time. Daniels and Corino start off the match as they try to tell each other to throw the first punch then Punk runs in to knock Daniels down. Joe comes in and trades kicks with Punk. Joe wins that battle then the match settles down as Daniels hits Punk with a delayed vertical suplex. Joe tags in and does the same to Daniels. Corino and Daniels get into it as Daniels knocks him down while Corino rolls outside. Punk hits Daniels from behind as it seems like Punk & Corino are working together. Back inside, Corino chops Daniels in the corner. He dumps Daniels to the floor then follows out and gets sent into the guardrail following a reversal sequence. Daniels then takes out Corino with an Arabian Press to the floor. Punk flies out to take both guys down with a tope then Joe takes everyone out with a tope of his own. Punk tries to hit Joe with a hurricarana on the floor but Joe powerbombs him into the guardrail. Good lord. Back inside, Daniels gets worked over by everyone as he takes a lot of punishment. Daniels finally gets an opening as he boots Punk then hits a leg lariat before tagging Joe, who runs wild on Corino. German suplex gets two. Joe and Corino now exchange strikes as Joe wins that battle. He then tags in Daniels, who takes care of Punk and Corino. Punk and Corino have a miscommunication and start arguing as Daniels hits a moonsault press. Punk and Corino clothesline each other then Daniels almost puts Punk away with a Blue Thunder Driver. Daniels gets two with the BME but Joe catches him with a powerslam. Corino hits Joe with a DDT then calls for the STO and hits that as well. However, Joe immediately gets up and waits for Corino turn around to hit a powerbomb. The match breaks down then LeGrande runs in to help out Corino but eats a moonsault from Daniels. All four men are down after clotheslining each other then the match breaks down again. Daniels & Corino hit Joe with a superplex then Punk covers Daniels for two. They all trade big moves but no one is able to get the win. Joe rolls outside after getting hit with the Angels Wings then Punk and Corino counter a double DDT from Daniels with a Northern Lights as the referee counts to three. After a huddle between the referees with Punk and Corino stating their case why they won the match, the referee rules that both men got the win (22:55) ***3/4.

Thoughts: A really good match. All of the storylines between the four were blended in this perfectly, IMO.  They also protected the champ here too.



Matt Stryker and Xavier are face-to-face to sell their Block A finals in the Field of Honor Tournament. Stryker tells Xavier is the best while Xavier reminds him he is the man and at the end, it will suck to be Stryker. Walters comes up to Xavier and asks for a rematch, stating he guarantees that he will win. This was alright I suppose but nothing to get excited about.



Rob Feinstein plugs two shows occuring in New England during Thanksgiving weekend.



#1 Contender’s Trophy Match: Bryan Danielson vs. AJ Styles

The crowd starts a dueling chant as both competitors play up to that. They start the match and end in a stalemate after a lockup while the announcers put over how great Danielson is for his return to the company and how he beat Samoa Joe at the 1st Anniversary Show. The action spills outside where they go at each other then the announcers sign off because they want the wrestling to speak for itself. They end in another stalemate before heading back into the ring. Danielson cheap-shots Styles after a break then hits a back suplex. Styles rolls out as Danielson follows and roughs him up. Styles hops over the guardrail after an Irish whip then drills Danielson with an enziguiri to take control of the match. Back inside, Styles hits an dropkick after an Irish whip sequence. Danielson hits an uppercut then ties up Styles in the ropes and attacks the arm as he is clearly the heel in this match. Danielson tells a fan “what the f--- do you know about wrestling” before yelling at him to shut his mouth before going back to work on Styles. Danielson works the arm on the mat as he yells at Styles to kick him harder. They end up on their feet where Styles blocks a double underhook suplex and ends up getting a few nearfalls but Danielson maintains the hold and ends up finally hitting the move. Danielson tries to suplex Styles in from the apron but it gets blocked as Styles suplexes him to the floor. Danielson is swearing and yelling, while clutching his knee, at Styles to stay away but ends up getting dropped on top of the guardrail. Styles continues to rough up Danielson as the ref Styles to stop. They head back inside where Styles grapevines the leg until Danielson reverses it into a single leg crab. Styles escapes then starts booting Danielson in the ribs before applying a figure-four leg lock. Danielson manages to reverse the hold up Styles reaches the ropes before going back to work on the leg. Danielson then calls Styles a “pussy” and wants him to kick harder and he does while the fans applaud. Styles stretches out the leg in the corner but Danielson fights back and hits a diving uppercut as both men are down. Danielson is up first and fires away. He gets a nearfall with a discus forearm. Diving headbutt gets two. He blocks the Phenomenon then hits Styles with a pumphandle toss for two. Styles counters a back superplex in midair. He gets up slowly and tries a springboard move but Danielson cuts him off and while Styles is hanging on the ring ropes, Danielson stands on the middle rope and hits a back suplex for two. That was certainly creative. Danielson locks on the Cattle Mutilation after a struggle but Styles is able to break free. Danielson then roughs up Styles before re-applying the hold. Danielson breaks and tries a cradle but that only gets two. Styles comes back with the Pele Kick then drills Danielson with a clothesline for a nearfall. Danielson blocks a Styles Clash attempt then works a hanging triangle hold but Styles ends up hitting a modified Styles Clash out of that as that gets two then he gets up and hits Danielson with the actual move for the win (24:16) ****1/2. After the match, the two shake hands as the crowd chants “ROH.”

Thoughts: A tremendous match. This was Danielson’s return after several months and he was incredible here. From yelling at the crowd to everything else that he did, Danielson came off as a major star and Styles is one of the best in the ring. I liked their match at the 2002 All-Star Extravaganza show a little bit better than this (Styles also won that, which was also for the #1 Contender’s Trophy). Styles will now earn a title shot against Samoa Joe.



Cabana is backstage for his “Good Times, Great Memories” show. His guests are the Carnage Crew as they come in drinking beers. The Carnage Crew talk about their love of the “Nudie Bar” among other things while Cabana reads poems about that. Cabana declines an invitation for a beer but would accept if it was a YooHoo. This was fine for what it was and DeVito and Cabana showed some chemistry here.



Corino is backstage talking about getting revenge on Homicide tonight and on Thanksgiving weekend, he will go through Josh Daniels before they face off in a no-ropes, barbed-wire match as Corino talks about crippling Homicide as the result of his hearing loss. Corino said he is not violence and does not like hardcore wrestling but when backed up against the wall, he fights back. He then talks about this being the last match on his RoH contract as he talks about having other title belts to defend. Corino ends by saying he is pro wrestling before switching attention to CM Punk, telling him they are a lot more alike than he wants to admit. Solid promo by Corino.



Cappetta is backstage with the Briscoes and Jim Cornette. Cappetta is looking for an interview as Cornette puts over the Briscoes for being only in their early 20’s and compares them to the Midnight Express as they have the hunger to succeed and will remain champions. The Briscoes take off as Cornette tells Cappetta they do everything he says as Cappetta asks Cornette about his problems with the Prophecy and Samoa Joe. Cornette puts down both of them and blows off Cappetta when he told Cornette he was in a lot of trouble. Cappetta leaves as Joe is standing in front of the door. Joe enters as Cornette tries to talk Joe down but the door gets shut as we hear Cornette getting roughed up. Joe then leaves and tells the cameraman not to go into the room.



Final Thoughts: This was an awesome show. It had great action and some memorable moments as well. The company is starting to have good feuds too, which had been its biggest problem. Joe is more than credible as the champion and there are a lot of other credible challengers gunning for a title shot. The Cornette stuff was fine since it was used to build up the Briscoes. I’d definitely seek this show out.



Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:



Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/10/88

Monday: WWF Los Angeles Sports Arena 7/15/88

Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/16/88

Wednesday: PWG All-Star Weekend XII, Night One 3/4/16

Thursday: Shoot Interview TBD

Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/17/88

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 12/10/81


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