A successful title run for Warrior


Earlier this week you mentioned that winning the title from Hogan destroyed the Ultimate Warrior’s career. Here’s my question; what would you have done to ensure that he had a successful title reign? And since, other then taking time off to Get Well, (umm…make a movie,) Hogan wasn’t leaving the company you can’t just say, "get rid of Hogan entirely." Your thoughts?

​He needed better heels. Rick Rude, only a year after getting destroyed by Warrior, was the kiss of death as top challenger for him. Either Warrior should have had the Earthquake run before Hogan, or they should have built up a brand new scary heel monster for him to slay. I think they could have salvaged Randy Savage in 1990 if they hadn’t fucked around with him so much in the Dusty feud and made him a joke as Macho King, for example. Once they got into 1991 they kind of had the right idea with Warrior by feeding him Undertaker and Papa Shango, and I think with foresight they could have bought Undertaker in a lot sooner and done well with him in that role against Warrior. Sid would have been ideal, but there was no way they were prying him away from WCW in early 1990. I think Vader was available, though.

Anyway, point being, STRONGER HEELS NEEDED. Rick Rude was lame, Ted Dibiase was lame, Randy Savage was lame. Hogan worked because they constantly cycled in newer and bigger threats for him to beat.​