Wendi Richter’s Screwjob

Since we’re just getting through the WON of this period, and know how much love the residents of the blog have for the Montreal Screwjob, how about the Wendi Richter “screwjob”? I don’t like doing conspiracy theories over professional wrestling, but is there a chance that all of the smoke that surrounds this piece of history was just a giant work? The argument in favor of it being a complete shoot was that Richter refused to sign a new contract “right here and now” before going to the ring, got pinned with a one count, and then claimed she had no idea Moolah was even wrestling her. You can easily discredit the last one, because there’s absolutely no chance she couldn’t tell it was Moolah, and after the pin, they keep filming for TV with Richter “shooting” on her and unmasking her and everything, instead of ushering Moolah out ASAP to protect her from a violent backlash. Taking away that pinfall, everything that leads up to and follows it seems awfully questionable when it comes to truth in wrestling. Why would Richter insist on kayfabing something that was meant to bury her career? CONSPIRACY!

​Richter was part of the old school, and maybe she didn’t want to burn any bridges? Plus the Spider Lady was played by a bunch of different people leading up to this, so it wouldn’t have been some big shock that Moolah was under the mask on that night. It’s not like it was a shoot that Wendi found out about Moolah’s involvement, ya know? She knew beforehand that Moolah would be unmasking, it was just that the finish was unexpectedly changed on her, which is why she wouldn’t give up the belt in the ring.​