Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor X, Night Two

I also recapped night one last week, which you can read here

April 2, 2016

From the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, TX

Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling #3



Jay Lethal and Taeler Hendrix come out to the ring unannounced. Lethal addresses the Colt Cabana confrontation from last night as the crowd cheers for Cabana. He says that Cabana is not even on the roster and should not leapfrog everyone else to get a title shot. Lethal asks the crowd why they even cheer for Cabana, mentioning that he is busy recording a podcast, which was true. . Lethal then says there are more deserving guys of a title shot, like Cheeseburger and wants to prove how he is a fighting champion by giving him a match. Lethal calls out Cheeseburger and said as long as he comes out, he will get a title shot. Cheeseburger comes out and we get a title match



RoH World Title Match: Cheeseburger vs. Jay Lethal (c) w/ Taeler Hendrix

Lethal cheap-shots Cheeseburger after a handshake. He overpowers his 135 lbs challenger then gets a nearfall with a powerslam. Cheeseburger manages to snap off a hurricarana but Lethal immediately attacks him. Cheeseburger gets tossed to the floor and gets roughed up a bit. Back inside, Cheeseburger floats over on a suplex but is unable to capitalize. Cheeseburger escapes and tries a springboard but ends up eating a super kick then Lethal hits the Lethal Injection for the win (4:36) *. After the match, Cabana comes out in his ring gear. He rags on Lethal for only issuing a challenge against Cheeseburger before saying what happened last night was not for show and is here for his World Title belt. Lethal tries to leave as Cabana goads him into having a match tonight by saying Truth Martini makes his decisions for him. Lethal gets pissed and decks Cabana then they fight in the ring as the referee rings the bell.

Thoughts: The match was just a squash and it ran a little bit longer than necessary but it was all just a set up for the Lethal/Cabana feud.



Colt Cabana vs. Jay Lethal (c) w/ Taeler Hendrix

This is a non-title match. Lethal hammers away but Cabana fights back. Lethal ducks outside where Cabana takes him out with a kick. Cabana beats on Lethal outside of the ring until Taeler grabs him arm, allowing Lethal to regain control. Lethal takes out Cabana with a dive from the apron. Back inside, Cabana grabs a small package then uses a reverse Boston Crab. Lethal escapes then they have a reversal sequence that ends with Lethal hitting a super kick. Lethal tries for the Lethal Injection but Cabana escapes and uses a rollup for the win (2:54) 3/4*.

Thoughts: Not much of a match but it did establish Cabana as a threat to Lethal and sets up for a future title match down the line.



All Night Express vs. ACH & Matt Sydal

Sydal and Titus start off the match. Sydal takes control early and hits a hurricarana as Kelly points out how last night, O’Reilly did a lot of damage to his arm. ANX gets dumped outside as ACH takes them out with a springboard senton. Back inside, ACH & Sydal remain in control until Sydal gets decked in the ribs. ANX targets the ribs of Sydal for a bit until he escapes and makes the tag. ACH runs wild on the ANX and hits King with a German suplex for a nearfall. Titus runs in to kick ACH as the ANX are using illegal double-team moves. Sydal blocks a springboard attempt by King then ACH hits Titus with a brainbuster. Sydal hits a shooting star press then ACH hits the Midnight Star for the win (8:33) **1/2.

Thoughts: It was really just a basic tag match. ACH’s hot-tag sequence looked good and this was more of a showcase of ACH & Sydal than anything else.



Will Ferrara vs. Donovan Dijak w/ Prince Nana

Joey Daddiego is on commentary. Dijak’s ribs are taped up due to Daddiego’s attack the previous night after the six-man mayhem match. Before the match, Ferrara reminds Dijak they faced off in the Top Prospect Tournament then says he will kick his “Big bird” ass. Ferrara lands a few shots but ends up getting tossed into the corner. Dijak tosses Ferrara to the floor and roughs him up before the action heads back into the ring. Dijak follows a side slam with a splash for a nearfall then misses a charge in the corner as Daddiego is going off on Dijak for hurting Truth Martini. Back to the match as Ferrara stretches out Dijak for a bit. Dijak ends up tossing Ferrara with a suplex but misses another charge in the corner as Ferrara catches him with a swinging STO for a nearfall. They fight up top until Dijak tosses Ferrara down with a chokeslam then flies outside to take him out with a moonsault press to the floor. Holy shit! A “that was awesome” chant breaks out right before Dijak messes up a springboard then they start chanting “you fucked up.” Both men are down then Dijak catches Ferrara with a discus big boot for two. Chokeslam backbreaker gets two. Ferrara then kicks out at one after a fireman’s carry bomb and starts slapping away. Ferrara escapes from the Feast Your Eyes (Torture Rack Drop into a knee smash) but Dijak catches him up on his shoulders and hits it for the win (7:29) **. After the match, Dijak raises Ferrara’s hand but Daddiego attacks his ribs with a chair.

Thoughts: Both guys tried but it was disjointed at times and having Ferrara kick out at one on the Fireman’s Carry Bomb was just idiotic. For a guy Dijak’s size and in a promotion with a lot of smaller wrestlers, they sure do not try to make him look like a threat. Why protect Ferrara at Dijak’s expense? Anyway, they are pushing the Daddiego/Dijak feud still.



2/3 Falls Match: Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Fish

Fall One: Fish immediately beats on Strong. He kicks him down a few times then Strong ducks outside for a breather. Fish follows him out and whips Strong into the guardrail then hits him with a suplex on the floor before roughing him up some more. Fish is smiling as he lays into Strong before rolling him back inside. Strong gets dumped outside where Fish takes him out with a pescado. Fish is hammering away on Strong as the crowd is really quiet. Back inside, Strong shoves the referee into Fish then hits a knee smash before hitting the End of Heartache for the fall (3:30).

Fall Two: Strong stomps away on Fish in the corner. He dumps him outside then follows to drop him on the guardrail on the back of his neck. He chops Fish a few times before tossing him into the post. Strong rolls inside but Fish is able to just beat the twenty count. Strong continues to beat on Fish. He only gets one with a butterfly suplex then applies a chinlock. Fish escapes and they trade strikes until Fish hits a Dragon Screw. Fish runs into a boot then Strong hits a slam for two. Strong gets cocky then charges but Fish sidesteps him and manages a rollup for the fall to tie it up 1-1 (8:25).

Fall Three: Strong immediately stomps a mudhole in Fish. The action heads outside where Strong misses a knee smash and ends up hitting the post. They brawl for a bit outside and head back before the twenty count. Fish is in control then hits Strong with an Exploder in the corner for two. Moonsault gets two. Fish uses a sleeper but Strong picks him up and runs Fish into the corner. Strong places Fish up top and hits a superplex for a nearfall. They both get up slowly then Fish manages a kick but Strong catches him with a backbreaker then locks on a Boston Crab. Strong takes Fish down with a pair of jumping knee strikes as both men are down. They get up and trade strikes until Fish locks on the Fish Hook. Strong frantically tries to reach the ropes but he was in the middle of the ring then after a minute taps out (15:54) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match but nothing I’d go out of my way to see. Plus, the crowd was not into this at all and that’s a bad sign considering these guys were feuding. With Strong’s RoH contract coming to an end fairly soon and the fact he is not being booked strongly, I expect that he is going to leave the promotion.



Someone named “P Dog” heads out to the ring as his posse picks up the streamers from the floor and tosses it in the ring. All of a sudden, Stokely Hathaway and Moose come out as P Dog tells Moose not only is he not tough but he cannot wrestle, either. P Dog looks to be about 5’7 and 130 lbs. Moose gets inside and places these nameless guys on the top rope and dropkicks them to the floor. He then grabs this woman by the throat and motions to take her out but the others pull her outside so Moose responds by taking everyone out with a tope con hilo. He beats on these guys for another couple of minutes as the crowd seems to lose interest. Hathaway then raises his client’s hand. Just a showcase to make Moose look strong.



RoH Tag Team Title Match: Beer City Bruiser & Silas Young vs. War Machine (c)

Before the match starts, Young runs down the fans for being rude and sucking. He then talks for a bit about how War Machine should be men and they make this a title match. The bell rings after War Machine stops a sneak attack. They botch a double-team move on the Bruiser but stay in control of the match. Young snaps Rowe’s head off of the ropes then Bruiser hits a wheelbarrow suplex as they then neutralize Rowe in the corner. Young works an STF in the middle of the ring then Bruiser tags and slugs it out. Rowe is still trapped in the corner until he hits a knee smash then makes the tag. Hanson challenges Bruiser to knock him down but Young interferes and Bruiser catches Hanson with a clothesline. Hanson then fights off both guys and places them in the corner before chopping each guy ten times. Brusier comes back to hit Hanson with a back suplex and Young comes over to help but Rowe ends up taking out his opponents. Young kicks out of a top rope splash then avoids the Fallout and DDT’s Hanson on the lower turnbuckle as Bruiser takes out Rowe with an apron senton. Inside, Bruiser and Hanson trade strikes until Bruiser hits a DDT. Bruiser heads up top but Rowe runs up and hits an overhead suplex then Hanson takes out Bruiser on the outside with a tope. Young tries an attack but runs into a forearm smash the War Machine hits the Fallout for the win (10:48) **3/4.

Thoughts: Solid match. All four guys worked their asses off and while sloppy at times, it was all action. These four would be better served doing less high-flying moves and instead use more brawling.



BJ Whitmer vs. Dalton Castle

Adam Page is on commentary. This starts out with a lot of stalling as both men take turns posing and taunting. Castle does his schitck then ends up grounding Whitmer. They head outside where Whitmer decks Castle then chases off the young boys. They head back in the ring where Castle clotheslines Whitmer over the top rope then does a strut. He then boots Whitmer off of the apron and flies out with a tope as the young boys fan him off. Whitmer heads inside and begs for mercy but Castle takes him down with a waistlock slam. He then hits a deadlift gutwrench suplex but shortly after that runs into a spinebuster. Whitmer takes control then gets two with a suplex then works a chinlock. Castle escapes and hits a clothesline and a knee strike. He follows up with some more strikes until Whitmer catches him with a powerslam. Castle blocks an Exploder attempt with a rollup but Whitmer kicks out then hits a clothesline for two. Whitmer roughs up Castle for a bit until Castle hits a German suplex for a nearfall. They fight up top as Whitmer hits a back suplex but that only gets two. Whitmer yells at Page then toys with Castle before going back to yell at Page. Whitmer takes off one of the young boys mask and stomps it on the ground but Castle gets up and fires away until hitting the Bang-a-Rang for the win (14:54) **. After the match, Page heads inside with a chair and sits down as he yells Whitmer. Page talks about how they had a purpose and a sense of meaning but it all went away due to Whitmer’s obsession with Steve Corino. Page blames that obsession for costing him a big match against Jay Briscoe and why he wants to tear Whitmer apart.

Thoughts: This match dragged. Whitmer serves little purpose in RoH and his feud with Page is not exciting in the slightest. Crowd was also dead for most of this match.



Four Corner Survival Match to be the #1 Tag Team Title Contender: The Addiction vs. Briscoes vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. Young Bucks

The match starts off with some comedy between the Addiction and Young Bucks before the action gets fast-paced. They all work a quadruple suplex spot with the Bucks and Briscoes on the winnig end of that. The Bucks hit them with super kicks but end up running into clotheslines. The Briscoes then launch Nick to the floor on top of everyone else in an impressive spot. The action heads back inside with Shelley using a testicle grab on the Bucks then taking them both out with backdrops to the floor as Sabin dives out with a tope that leads to a dive spot that ends with Mark eating a double super kick from the Bucks after trying an apron Froggy Bow. Back inside, the action remains fast-paced with the Bucks eventually taking out everyone. Daniels blocks a Meltzer Driver attempt and then the teams all switch off taking control until Jay starts taking out everyone with punches until he eats a quadruple super kick. Kazarian and Mark are battling on top as Mark suplexes him to the floor on top of everyone else as a “holy shit” chant breaks out. In the ring, Jay boots Daniels then the Briscoes hit Daniels with the Doomsday Device for the win (16:57) ***1/2.

Thoughts: The action was too fast and furious for a move-by-move recap. It was never dull but for me, it was just all moves and I’ve seen better matches with this style but it was fun to watch.



Moose and Hathaway are back in the ring. They let us know that Moose was so impressive in his match against Kazuchika Okada at the RoH 14th Anniversary show that they will team up together at the Global Wars PPV in May.



No Holds Barred: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole

Match starts with Cole attacking O’Reilly from behind in the aisle. He whips O’Reilly into the barricade a few times. O’Reilly fights back and chokes out Cole with his shirt. Cole tries a super kick but O’Reilly ducks and it ends up hitting Mandy Leon. O’Reilly hits Cole with an overhead suplex then chops Cole in a chair and runs and leaps off of the apron to deliver a double stomp. O’Reilly then lays a metal RoH sign across the guardrails in the aisle and they fight on top of that until O’Reilly hits a suplex. They finally head inside where O’Reilly targets the arm. Cole then suplexes O’Reilly to the floor as the ref runs out to check on O’Reilly as he is selling a hurt knee. Back inside, O’Reilly tries to fight back but misses a charge and spills outside. Cole ends up trapping O’Reilly’s injured knee between a chair then attacks that. Cole then sits in a chair while stretching out O’Reilly, who uses his other leg to kick Cole. O’Reilly gets up but is dropped into the chair with a drop toehold. They fight over a chair until O’Reilly whacks Cole. O’Reilly hits a running forearm smash then a tornado DDT on top of the chair. He hits a Van Terminator by jumping off of a chair but Cole escapes a brainbuster attempt then takes O’Reilly off of the chair with a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. They fight on the apron and that ends with O’Reilly putting Cole in a hanging guillotine as they both go through a table on the floor. Cole rolls O’Reilly inside and covers for two as O’Reilly is in pain. Cole sets up the chairs back-to-back and tries to hit a suplex but O’Reilly escapes then hits a knee smash before dropping Cole on top of the chairs. O’Reilly brings in a long chain and ties it on the top rope. He attempts to tie the other end around Cole’s neck but fails then Cole uses the chain to clothesline O’Reilly. Cole hits O’Reilly in the back with a chair but it gets no-sold and that leads to a back-and-forth sequence ending with Cole getting two with a chair-assisted Shining Wizard. Cole pulls out a table from underneath the ring. He slides that inside and sets it up as Cole sets up for a Super Canadian Destroyer through a tabe. O’Reilly fights back and ends up suplexing Cole through the table as both men are down as the crowd is really starting to get into the match. Both men struggle to get to their feet then O’Reilly lights up Cole with Kawada Kicks. They trade strikes standing then end up falling into the chairs in a terribly choreographed spot. O’Reilly blocks a super kick and hits Cole with a brainbuster on the chair then wraps the other end of the chain around Cole’s neck before applying the triangle arm bar as the ref stops the match as Cole is out cold (27:21) ****. After the match, Cole gets carried to the back by a few security guys while O’Reilly stands strong.

Thoughts:  Excellent match. I will say I thought they ended it abruptly has they were really getting the crowd behind the last few minutes. These guys worked their asses off and took some crazy bumps and I thought the finish was at least creative. A fine way to end their heated feud.



Final Thoughts: Overall, this show was just okay. Night One was a lot better, IMO. There were a lot of dead spots on this show and the crowd was not into much until the last two matches. RoH has too many lower card feuds and that was on full display here. They ended two other top feuds here and only came out of the weekend with a Lethal/Cabana feud, which while it came off good, is not going to be anything more than a short-term thing. After watching EVOLVE and the WWN Supershow, I felt that those shows and wrestlers had a lot more buzz coming out than these RoH shows.



Here is my schedule for the next several days:


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Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/9/88

Saturday: RoH Main Event Spectacles 11/1/03

Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/10/88

Monday: WWF Los Angeles Sports Arena 7/15/88

Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/16/88

Wednesday: PWG All-Star Weekend XII, Night One 3/4/16