Wrestling Observer Flashback–10.16.85

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I’m so glad that Mike Von Erich is past the worst of it and ready to come back any day now because he’s such a champion!  Here’s a sneak peek at how his rehab is progressing:


– The big news of the week was the joint AWA/NWA show SuperClash ‘85 on 9/28 in Chicago, which would pretty much end up being the demise of the Crockett/Gagne relationship when they couldn’t agree on how much money the show actually drew.  The crowd was actually a very impressive 20,000 paid (announced as 25,000) even in frigid temperatures.  Dave runs down the results but doesn’t do star ratings because he didn’t actually see the show yet.

– The relationship actually deteriorated so fast and so violently that all upcoming joint shows have been cancelled and all NWA talent has been pulled from Gagne-promoted shows.

– The Wrestling Classic, scheduled to be the first ever nationally available PPV show, will feature a 16 man tournament, plus Hogan v. Piper on top.  Dave has no idea how successful it’ll be.

– “Saturday Night’s Main Travesty II” was 10/5 on NBC.  Oh, this should be good.  Dave is encouraged by the fact that every time it looks like Vince is going to deliver a knockout punch to his competitors, he delivers a turd like this show.  To say the matches were atrocious is being kind.  Hulk Hogan is not only one of the worst wrestlers in the world, but a really obnoxious pain in the ass.  He does note that Piper v. Orndorff was a good 5:00 brawl, but the rest was complete garbage and will probably tank WWF business for years to come.  Or at least for the next month.  He doesn’t even do a proper review so you know it angried up his blood too much.

worst episode ever 2

– In New York, senator Abraham Bernstein (sounds like a heel manager name) launched a committee to discuss banning pro wrestling in New York state.  Basically he’s trying to springboard off the popularity of wrestling to get his name into the papers with fearmongering, using testimony from the usual bitter idiots like Eddy Mansfield to support his “case”.  Dave notes that yes, there are definitely problems with the sport and regulation would be useful, but this whole thing was even more of a circus than Vince’s own product.

– To World Class, where the Cotton Bowl show drew 30,000 people for a Kerry & Kevin v. Dynamic Duo double hair match on top, which saw Adams & Hernandez get their heads shaved.  They immediately showed up on TV wearing masks, which caused Gary Hart to go off on a huge rant in his book because he HATED that angle.  The only real reason that anyone showed up was for Mike Von Erich’s big appearance, as he was wheeled down to ringside, gave a quick speech, and then was wheeled back again.  Minor note:  Rookie Dave (DJ) Peterson debuted on this show, and Dave notes that he’s pretty good, but he’s no Jack Victory.  Get a ROOM already.  Missy Hyatt also debuted, claiming to be the daughter of the Hyatt hotel magnate and thus super-rich.  So she’s basically Paris Hilton.  Dave is skeptical of this family relationship actually being a real thing.  Hold on a sec…


– 16 year old Chris Von Erich has unleashed “My Dad Can Whip Your Dad” on the world, as Fritz has apparently decided to create a rock star as well as his wrestling stars.  Sadly, Dave did not have YouTube in 1985, but we do:


– To the AWA, where that bizarre Road Warriors v. Garvin & Regal match Dave was wondering about last week resulted in a shocking upset, with the heels winning the titles in super-controversial fashion.  Stanley Blackburn is apparently reviewing the tapes, so that will probably take him a few weeks while someone explains the VCR to him.  Dave is unsure of the Roadies’ status at the moment, but Verne was apparently swearing to them that they’ll get the belts back right away.  Yeah, and I bet he also told them they’d get a payoff for SuperClash as well.

– Business continues to drop for the AWA, even with the traditional uptick from September.  The Rick Martel reign is just not working.

– In a story that would never happen today, Terry Gordy got banned from Northwest Orient Airlines for being Terry Gordy and having his usual trouble acting like a normal human being in public.  So when they told him that he couldn’t fly anymore, he booked another flight and used Curt Hennig’s name.  So now Curt Hennig is banned from Northwest Orient Airlines as well.

– Dave actually watched the 9/23 MSG show to see if the reports of improved workrate were indeed true.  Spoiler:  They WEREN’T.  Only good match on the show was Bulldogs v. Hart Foundation, surprise surprise.

– Andre the Giant is actually working without a contract, and Harley Race found out about it and tried to get him to jump.  Andre refused because although he apparently doesn’t particularly get along with Vince, he stays with the WWF out of loyalty to the McMahon family.

– It now appears that Dusty v. Flair will headline Starrcade for the second year in a row, and Big Dust is pushing HARD for the title change and will probably get it.  Plus he’s, you know, the booker.  Dave reminds us not to get mad at him, he’s only the messenger.

– Dave’s description of the Flair turn is awesome:  “The feud was set up 9/29 at the Omni in Atlanta when after a cage match in which Flair pinned Nikita Koloff, the other Russians jumped in and Dusty the great humanitarian and friend to all autograph seeking children that he is, saved Flair. As the Russians left, suddenly Flair turned on Dusty and with the help of his sometime cousins, Ole & Arn Anderson, they broke Dusty’s ankle.  The good news is Dusty won’t be wrestling for about six weeks.  The bad news is that he’ll be back in about six weeks.  Desperate measures are needed so Dusty can make sure he’s the fan favorite in this feud. I just wonder if the fans will really cheer Dusty no matter how rotten Flair will act in the next seven weeks.”

– Joel Deaton will be working as a heel under a mask as THUNDERFOOT, managed by JJ Dillon.  See, he’s got a loaded boot.

funny because it's true

– The matches between the Midnights and the Jimmy Valiant/Rocky King have been pretty bad, and King was injured at the 10/8 TV tapings and now Superstar Graham will be taking his place.  Hopefully the feud ends before Starrcade, Dave wishes.

– There is a pretty sizeable backlash against Magnum brewing, with lots of college towns in particular booing him due to the “biggest drawing card in the world” push.

– Down in San Antonio, the Texas All Star Wrestling group ran a show that did OK, but was crippled by expensive talent and ended up losing money.  Of note was Big Bubba winning a battle royale in the main event.  This was not Ray Traylor (who was still doing jobs under his real name at this point) but in fact equally inexperienced Fred Ottman.

– Rick Rude has given noticed in Florida and is headed to World Class.  Dave thinks he’ll do well there.  Indeed.

– Back to San Antonio, where Nick Kiniski got into a dressing room altercation with Ottman and apparently knocked him out cold.

– In Japan, Inoki is using Roger Smith, who looks like Dirty Dick Murdoch facially with the body of Dusty Rhodes.  So later, he actually came back to the US as “Dirty Rhodes”, a Dusty ripoff character.

– Also on the New Japan shows, Dave completely ignores a young rookie named Keiji Mutoh, who is doing jobs in tag matches underneath.  I mean, he’s no Jack Victory, but I’d say he turned out pretty good.

– Andre the Giant and Masked Superstar are teaming up in a goofy masked gimmick as The Machines.

– The UWF has no future dates scheduled, but no official announcement of folding the promotion has been made as of yet.  It would come soon.  Baba has already said he has no interest in the castoffs from the promotion should it die.

– WWF booker George Scott is asking all talent to sign two year exclusive contracts, including not taking any Japan dates.  To date, Andre and Bulldogs are refusing to sign.

– Jacques and “Ramon” Rougeau are headed in soon.

– Roddy Piper apparently had a serious fall out of the ring and is in the hospital with a head injury. An operation has been suggested, which would keep him out of the ring for a lengthy period.

– Stu Hart has started up his new promotion (the new version of Stampede, owned by McMahon), and he’ll recognize Hulk Hogan as champion for the sake of continuity.  Until Vince screws him over in a couple of months.

– And finally, Dave scrawls in pen at the end of the issue that Jim Wilson’s lawsuit against Georgia Championship Wrestling was settled out of court, although given that GCW went out of business months ago I can’t see that he got very much money out of it.  Detail next issue, Dave promises!