This low-down, scum-sucking business we love

Watched the Mike Von Erich interview last night. That’s probably the sleaziest thing I’ve ever seen a promoter pull, though of course, there’s a lot of competition.

My question for you and the blog: what’s the worst/most tasteless thing you’ve seen a promoter and/or wrestler do in the service of a story line?

Here’s a comparatively minor one, though it really bugged me: Trish Stratus calling Molly Holly ‘fat’ during their feud — despite Holly being a former power lifter and a better natural athlete than Stratus was. I’m not saying Stratus wanted to say those lines, but either way, the messaging was horrible.

​There was a lot of really weird body-shaming of Molly Holly, which makes no sense unless you’re part of the wrestling world and have that same weird mindset. The Piggie James stuff a few years later was similarly uncool.

As for most tasteless? Wow, so many options. Randy Orton’s "Eddie is burning in hell" speech was just so unnecessary and didn’t sell one extra ticket, not to mention that Rey lost the match as well. Fritz Von Erich faking his heart attack after the very real tragedies of his own family no longer sold tickets was another one that was hard to top. ​