Blog Questions – Lightning Round!

The one, the only, the patented Lightning Round!

​Dude, you’re a lawyer. I don’t think you can actually patent a Lightning Round at this point and you should KNOW that. ​

(1) Greater Ultimate Warrior moment : Beating HTM at Summerslam or beating Hogan at WM VI?

​Probably the IC title win because at least it didn’t destroy his career. ​

(2) Better montage : “My Way” (WM XVII) or “Monster” (WM XXX)?

​I don’t even remember the Daniel Bryan one now, so we’ll go with My Way. ​

(3) Given audience reaction, historical significance and match quality, more significant : Ricky Steamboat winning the IC title at WMIII or Ricky Steamboat winning NWA title at Chi-Town Rumble?

​I think Chi-Town wins out on match quality and historical significance enough to claim the victory.​

(4) Given the entirety of their careers, better tag team : Midnight Rockers or Rock n Roll Express?

​Well the RNR actually won major titles and drew money, whereas the Rockers were never in a position to draw, so I’ll go with the Express. ​

(5) Best booker : Paul Heyman, Jim Ross or Jim Cornette?

Jim Ross isn’t really a good booker at all, and Heyman and Cornette are totally different kinds of bookers. I will say, however, that Heyman is really talented at TEACHING other people how to book, so I’ll go with him. ​

(6) Watchmen or Dark Knight Returns?

​My copy of DKR gets a lot more use than my copy of Watchmen.​