Nakamura theme and Wrestlemania entrance

Morning Mr. Keith. Have you seen this yet?:

Rumor is she claims wanting to perform it live for a match of his one day. I say book that s--- with a 100 piece orchestra supporting her at Wrestlemania Sunkist now!

On a related note, i was at a wedding last week, and as the bride and wrestling-loving groom came out to the usual sappy/happy song for their entrance, I couldn’t help but think how badass this theme would be in a wedding entrance. Then i realized how catchy and awesome it is and is now my favorite theme. Whoever did it needs to dip their hands in some of the main rosters crap now, maybe even Reigns, as most of its pretty forgettable or has no character.

I’ve been saying for a while that they need to start swiping classical music pieces again, or at least doing something more experimental than the usual driving guitar riffs and Nickelback ripoffs. NXT is the perfect example, where you’ll get stuff like Bayley’s theme (perfectly suited to her) and this theme, or Balor’s operatic theme to go with his demon character.

And given that Nakamura has been doing almost nothing and still getting over as the biggest star there by wrestling the GODDAMN DRIFTER and Alex Riley on these shows, I’d say it’s time to bring him up already and unleash him on the world.