BoD Daily Update: May 16, 2016 RAW Preview

Kevin Owens Possibly Injured?

After getting pinned by Sami Zayn at yesterday’s WWE Live Event in Columbia, South Carolina, the referee put up the “X” sign for help as medical staff from the back came out to assist Owens to the back. There have been no further updates on the situation.

Real Life Tension Between Two WWE Women Wrestlers Leading to Feud?

With Paige dating Alberto Del Rio, there has been talk of putting together a Paige/Charlotte feud. Its been reported that shortly before Paige and Del Rio began dating, Charlotte had a “fling” with Del Rio and things have also reportedly been “awkward” between Paige and Charlotte backstage. Its been said that Vince McMahon enjoys putting people with tension between them in feuds with each other and that he reportedly told the Creative team to put something together for the two in case he decides to revive their feud.

History of Continental Wrestling Podcast, Part Three

Kris is joined by Beau James (King of Kingsport) to discuss July 1987-mid May 1988 in Continental Championship Wrestling, Continental Wrestling Federation, & USA Championship Wrestling as yes the promotions have split. We go into a deep discussion of how the split took place with some interesting stories about all the characters involved. We talk about all the major angles of the era and just who was booking what and who wasn’t. We talk returns and exits along with debuts such as Eddie Gilbert making his first foray into this area. Truly an amazing show with stuff you have never heard on a podcast before!

Exile on Badstreet #26: All Hell is Breaking Loose – The Story of Continental Wrestling Part 3