Casting the Andre movie

There’s been a lot of talk about the biopic coming out on Andre the Giant… and more talk about who could play Andre.

But I’d love to know who’d play everyone that’d have to be involved in that movie.

Big John Studd
Bobby Heenan
Vince Sr
Vince Jr
Giant Baba
Antonio Inoki
Chief Jay Strongbow
Killer Kowalski
Jake Roberts
Jim Duggan
Akira Maeda
Bad News Brown

I mean, come on! Who plays these guys? Kowalski? Who could pull off Killer Kowalski? Jake? Hogan?

​All parts will be played by Damien Sandow. Until they come to a point in the movie where they need someone to play Sandow himself, which will result in Sandow getting fired from the movie.​