Friends related

Hey Scott,

You liked the TV show Friends. Who do you think got the biggest push on
that show? Did any of the Friends have "X-Pac heat" with you? Who bumped
and sold the best for the other Friends?

My answers –

Push – Rachel
XPac Heat – Phoebe
Bump/Sell – Chandler or Ross

​Rachel definitely got the biggest push. She started as a waitress and ended up as an international fashion executive.

Ross in the post-Emily phase had X-Pac heat for me, when he went crazy and became a mopey doofus. Like, your plan was to move to England to marry this girl you barely know and you said another woman’s name at the wedding and you think this marriage is going to work?!

And Chandler was definitely best seller. Joey no-sold a lot of stuff, but Chandler was the punchline for a lot of great stuff. ​