Scott – I love me some random questions that I form after watching the network……….so here we go again

1. Shield breakup – good idea or bad idea? If it was up to you would you have done it? How and when would you have done it?

2. Mick Foley – does he get the credit he deserves for how awesome he was during the attitude era? From the JR interview in 97 until his early 2000 run against HHH as Cactus Jack I think he was great in every role he was in. Does he get overlooked because he wasn’t Austin or the Rock?

3. What are your thoughts on Batista’s return in 2014? Seems like lots of people consider it a flop, but I enjoyed it. He put over the Shield and Daniel Bryan, and the matches with Evolution and Shield were awesome. Thoughts?

​1. The Shield never should have broken up. There was no real reason and the members could have been just as big of stars together as they are apart. It was basically a case of "Well, we need something big, might as well break up the Shield!" without having a true storyline reason behind it.

2. ​I think he gets an amount of love pretty equal to his contributions. If anything he gets short-changed on how he was helping to revolutionize the business BEFORE he got to the WWF.

3. They brought him in to be a main event player and make tons of money for them, and there wasn’t really anything Batista did that couldn’t have been accomplished without him. So from a business standpoint, I’d say it was a flop. The Bryan moment at Wrestlemania was great, but it didn’t need Batista and would have worked just as well with HHH in that spot instead.