Hulk KO’s Belzer on Hot Properties before Wrestlemania


Since The Dr.D vs John Stossel incident is in the mix this week, what is your opinion of Hulk Hogan’s assault on Richard Belzer during an interview promoting the first Wrestlemania? I mean, Belzer’s clearly being a jerk, goading and making fun of both Hulk and Mr. T. Is Hogan right to "protect the business" at that point? Also, how strange is it for there to be TWO assaults on camera leading up to WMI, both to preserve kayfabe for a company that was only a few years away from destroying the pretense of legitimate competition?

Hulk Hogan Guillotines Richard Belzer

​Belzer was being a dick, but Hogan was a complete bully there who did the move to a helpless person and then let him drop face-first to the floor. That’s much worse.

That being said, we were robbed of the Hogan & Stossell v. Dr. D & Belzer showdown at Summerslam 85. That would have been MONEY.