Big Cass

Hey Scott,

Big Cass appears to have many of the attributes that Vince McMahon seems to have on the checklist for his type of superstar: he’s tall; he has a full head of long, well-conditioned hair; he moves around pretty nicely in the ring for a big dude; the crowd reacts as soon as his music hits; and while he’s certainly not in the same league as his partner on the microphone he held his own with Chris Jericho in the promo exchange that opened Monday’s Raw.

If you were Enzo Amore, how worried would you be that Vince sees all of this, continues hearing the strong reactions for Cass while Enzo’s on the shelf in the concussion protocol, and decides that Cass could be his Diesel or Test of the "New Era"?

​I’d be pretty damn worried. They essentially called up Big Cass and his wacky little buddy Enzo, not Enzo & Cass. On the bright side, Enzo is much better off as a manager and less likely to further injure himself.