Attend any show ever…

Hi Scott,

Just wandering, if you could sit front row (or wherever you wanted) at any major wrestling show in history, which would be your first pick?

Tough call between Backlash 2000 and Summerslam 1992 for me.

Keep up the sarcasm.

​Thanks, I appreciate it SO much.

​I never liked sitting ringside for the shows where I’ve done that, because I feel like I miss too much. The shows in 04 where I was sitting right beside the hard camera were much better for me, because you can see the tech board and scripts, which is pretty cool, and you’re getting the "real" view of the show from the angle they want you to, while still being there live.

I still really regret not being able to attend Canadian Stampede due to work. I also could have been at the Smackdown in Edmonton with the awesome Benoit v. Austin match but my tickets didn’t arrive in time, and I really wish I had been at that one. For big major shows, ​
​​my whole live experience has been WWF/WWE shows for reasons of Canadian-ness, so I’d have loved to attend a Starrcade show. We’ll say 88 because that one is pretty near and dear to me, but 85 was such a great show when I reviewed it this year that I’d call that one my backup.