WWE creating/rotating top stars in lieu of “off season”

Hi Scott, long, loooong time reader, first time poster….

When Punk was at the height of his popularity, moving merch close to Cena etc, a thought occurred to me and I want to know why WWE has either not tried it or it hasn’t occurred to them. Surely you can rotate your top stars if you have two or more at the Cena level as (a) it keeps the merch moving/house show sales going (b) gives the stars time off the road and (c) can help keep their characters fresh. I mean, if Reigns was over (I know I know), surely they could give Cena a month or two offer (and other stars) whilst he carries things through the quiet summer and then everyone comes back for SummerSlam etc then Reigns goes away and Cena carries things through to Survivor Series. Is there any reason why something like this wouldn’t work?

​Yeah, because it’s all well and good to plan that, but then Cena goes and tears his muscle during leg day and suddenly they panic and put the guy "on a break" back on TV again. Vince tried to plan out this year’s Wrestlemania card a year in advance and we still ended up with Shane v. Undertaker as the main event because of all the crazy injuries. It’s a nice idea in theory, but about as effective as communism in reality.​