60 Days In

I FINALLY got a chance to watch episode 10 of 60 Days In tonight, mostly because I can’t go see Captain America until Wednesday, but of course multiple people e-mailed me on Thursday night about who else but the world’s greatest heel, Robert?

We NEED to discuss Robert’s exit interview. Holy shit, it is truly frightening that this man allowed to mold the minds of young children as a school teacher

​More importantly, WHAT THE FUCK was that handshake thing he was doing? ​I also enjoyed the law enforcement take on the situation, which was "We’ve got a limited budget and we just wasted a lot of money letting this asshole be on TV."

Man, that Robert is an asshole. But he was an entertaining asshole. Other than him, Zac is the only interesting character to me. He’s the only one with a good head on his shoulders and seems to remember the real reason they’re even in there. Is the show even worth watching without Robert? Constant commercials are getting on my nerves, anyway.

Tami’s been due for another meltdown and it seems like next week is her time​​. I do find the editing and continuity really weird lately, as Barbra seemingly whiplashes between caring member of the sisterhood and batshit crazy army wife depending on which timeframe they’re pulling from. It’s not as noticeable with the ladies because they don’t change much in appearance, but Zac for example has varying lengths of hair and beard all the time and it’s really distracting. It’s been great but I think everyone in there has plateaued at the level of crazy and usefulness to the system that they can hit and it’s time to wrap it up anyway. I will say this is a show that is MADE for binge-watching on Netflix, though.