WWE needs to change how they book WrestleMania

I think WWE really messed up by how it booked WrestleMania 32. There were so many part-timers/legends that I cannot imagine how why any of the free subscribers are going to decide to start paying.

Like they must see AJ Styles in the Main Event and wonder where all the real stars went.

Wrote about it more at length here, because WrestleMania is not ready for the Network era: http://stholeary.blogspot.com/2016/05/wrestlemania-is-not-ready-for-wwe.html

​The Network model doesn’t appear to be based on selling people on the product, it’s based on getting them to subscribe for free and then counting on people forgetting to cancel. And so far it’s worked to a certain degree, although they’re apparently already doing surveys about whether people would pay for a Premium version of the service that had RAW & Smackdown airing the day after initial broadcast. As I’ve said all along, I pay $10 a month for it happily and I literally could not even watch all the content offered in one lifetime, so GREAT! I still have hours and hours of "Beyond the Ring" DVD content I can watch, plus Prime Time, plus TNT, plus Smoky Mountain, plus years of Nitro and RAW and Smackdown and all the PPVs I missed during my vacation from WWE from 2006-2011. The Network is an awesome value, they just do a shit job of promoting and explaining it to newer fans. ​