Wrestlemania X-8 Common Sense

I’ll keep it short and sweet. Why Rock/Hogan and not Austin/Hogan at 18? The thing tips off after Hogan claims to be the biggest star in wrestling, period, and then Rock answers – I know Rock was the natural foil at the time but Austin was really the only guy who could ever claim to be a bigger draw so I don’t know how they didn’t get there. Was it just a case of Austin or Hogan just not wanting to do business together?

​Both, apparently. Austin didn’t want to work with Hogan and Hogan didn’t want to put him over, so they did Rock-Hogan as a compromise. And then I believe the story goes that Nash was going to work with Austin and put him over, but he developed that knee injury where he worked the pre-Wrestlemania shows, had to miss Wrestlemania, and then worked the shows after Wrestlemania. So that left Hall.

In retrospect, it worked out fine, but at the time I would have been happier with Rock & Austin v. The Outsiders as far as dream matches went. Or Rock & Austin & (???) v. The nWo as a unit. ​