Sid is…Respectable?

Hi Scott, hope you are well.

Was recently thinking about one of the blog’s favourite subjects over the years, the one, the only, Sid. Now much has been written about Sid’s follies and foibles during his pro wrestling career, misadventures which ranged from the ridiculous (Sid & the squeege) to the near-tragic (Sid & the scissors). And I’m not one to argue the silliness of many of the things he did back then. But I’m wondering if there has been another side to the big man, a far more stable, even respectable side, particularly since he retired from full-time work.

We’ve all seen plenty of former wrestlers who haven’t fared well with their post-wrestling lives, with drug, money, marital and/or legal problems the usual culprits. Yet Sid’s life has managed to be (relatively) tame over the last 15 years or so. Although he may have been coked (or something) out back in the day (he was hardly the only one), aside from a pot bust a few years ago (not exactly dealing crack), I haven’t heard much about any big drug problems for Sid. He also hasn’t had a number of somewhat pitiful comebacks which are generally an obvious money grab, so I gotta think he managed to keep some of that cash he made years ago, nor have I heard about any court/jail time for the big guy. Sid’s even been married to the same woman since the early 80s, which is mighty impressive for a wrestler.

While all this doesn’t exactly nominate one for the Nobel prize, grading by the wrestling business curve, Sid’s outside-the-business life looks pretty darn good, almost a model of good behaviour. Perhaps Sid was a little smarter than he appeared for all those years. Thoughts?

Take care.

I feel like answering this one with the famous "I’ve got half the brain you do" promo from Nitro would be the right call. But yes, apparently Sid loves softball and fishing and makes big money off appearances and autograph signings without having to deal with WWE bullshit. And good for him. He never seemed like a guy who was in it for anything but the money anyway, which meant he could get out clean without making a million failed comeback attempts that destroyed his rep.