BoD Daily Update: May 5th, 2016 Smackdown Preview

Randy Orton Update

Orton’s rehab is going much slower than expected and the current timetable is that he will begin training for his comeback in Orlando in mid-June.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Popular WWE Veteran Partying Too Much?

There has reportedly been a lot of talk among WWE talent about how one popular veteran is partying too much to the point it is effecting his in-ring work and some have talked privately about not even wanting to work with this person anymore. This same person has also been accused by fans this year for “phoning it in” during some of his recent matches and feuds.

WWE Hall of Famer Hospitalized

Bobby Heenan was hospitalized after falling at his home. He is reportedly being monitored at the hospital due to low blood pressure

Excellent WWE Network Adventure

Our adventure continues with a look at the interesting Tuesday Night Titans from 7/16/84… featuring some great work by Roddy Piper and the lovely Julie Valentine!