Hi Scott,

Question for you and the blog.

The nature of wrestling, the road schedule and everything else involved means that injuries happen. There have been a lot in the last 5 or so years, and while veterans can repeat ad nauseum "they need to slow it down, grab a hold" has there been any thought on WWE making the rings softer?

I’m not suggesting they make the ring like a trampoline or mattress, but surely after 32 odd wrestlemanias they can invest in making a ring that isnt so harsh to bump on. This wont 100% get rid of injuries (enzos recent injury was a super unlucky accident) but it could ease it.


​The rings are already super-soft and springy, especially compared to how they were up until the Monday Night Wars. Marc Mero actually spear-headed a campaign to get Vince to overhaul the ring after he blew out his knee in 97, and now it’s much easier to bump on from everything I’ve read. The current theory is that all the injuries are caused by over-training outside of the ring, like doing heavy weightlifting in the gym instead of the more traditional ​small weight/high reps that guys used to do. Or in Orton’s case, taking out the garbage.