Is Raw the Simpsons?

Hi Scott,

I’m not sure if this is a question or a rant i guess i’ll figure it out by the end. Raw cannot be compared to anything but itself because its every week all year. if you compare it to a sport you cant because theres an off season and player movement( please dont compare the 50 different Big Show heel/face turns to this) and 40-50 year old players(besides Jagr) dont go around beating 27 year old players. you cant compare it to a show because its live and more than doubles the writing of stories per year.

Would you compare raw more to a sport or a show?

what made me start getting to this point was that shows need a little time before hitting their stride. like the simpsons seasons 3-9. if you consider raw started in 93 i guess you say they hit their stride 96/97 season 3/4 then slowly rose and faded around season 12 maybe? now i feel like its just on because reasons same as the simpsons? ill catch a random newer simpsons and its very hit or miss same as raw. has raw just run its course? i feel like they have the same gimmicks treehouse of horror vs old school raw, guest stars, etc. A show will eventually end (this is assuming that yes eventually the simpsons end), but a sport wont. i’m just not sure raw is a sport. A sport/show hybrid maybe gives it a longer shelf life, but maybe doesnt live on forever

P.S. I was thinking what would make me invest in a new season of the Simpsons and i came up with continuations of episodes from seasons 3-9. Like when the Germans to over the Nuclear plant then had to sell it back for pennies and said they would get revenge one day or hoe about shelbyville makes money off of the beet juice as a new super food from the lemon tree episode? what say you


​I think a better comparison would be Family Guy, a show that briefly captured the zeitgeist for a few years and then became a sad parody of itself, written by 10-year olds while the head guy is more interested in making movies. And now it trudges along because it still gets ratings, but no one really talks about it anymore. The Simpsons at least has been relatively solid and consistent throughout its ridiculously long run.

Has RAW run its course? Yes. At the very least, they should rebrand it to something new, change all the sets and look of the show, and start fresh with a new TWO HOUR show on Monday nights. ​But we’ve beaten this dead horse before.