WWF Superstars of Wrestling – June 18th, 1988

June 18, 1988

From the Coliseum in Oakland, CA

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

In action this week are the British Bulldogs, Greg Valentine, and Bret Hart. Plus, newcomers the Big Boss Man and the Rockers make their debut



British Bulldogs vs. Barry Horowitz & Terry Gibbs

Jesse makes fun of Matilda for being fat as Vince talks about her being smart. The Bulldogs work over Gibbs until he finally tags out. We get an insert promo from the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers as they tell us they are almost new U.S. citizens and with that believes the fans will side with them if they face the British Bulldogs. Back to the match as the Bulldogs beat on Gibbs again until Davey launches Dynamite for a flying headbutt and the win (2:49).

Thoughts: The Bulldogs looked really good here and the slow heel turn of the Rougeaus continue as this time they tell us about the upcoming U.S. Citizenship. I love the dynamic of the heel foreign team that insincerely loves the USA faces off against the babyface foreign team.



WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s topic is Demolition and how they are vicious. We learn that Rick Martel suffered a concussion at the hands of the team. In reality, Martel was taking time off to be home with his wife, who was recuperating from surgery. We also learn that King Harley Race underwent surgery as the result of an injury suffered in his “Saturday Night’s Main Event” match against Hulk Hogan. We then see a long clip of that match, including Race’s fall through the table that led to the injury. After that, we see a somber Bobby Heenan holding Race’s robe and crown as he is on the search for a new king.



Louie Spicolli vs. Big Bossman w/ Slick

Boss Man, the former prison guard is known for his aggressiveness according to Vince. He starts by beating on Spicolli as we get an insert promo from Bossman and Slick, who hypes up his toughness. Bossman then catches Spicolli with a sidewalk slam for the win (1:31). After the match, Slick brings in Bossman’s handcuffs and nightstick as he cuffs Spicolli to the ropes and beats him with the stick.

Thoughts: Good debut for the Boss Man. He was instantly established as a threat and the post-match gimmick, which a lot of guys had at the time, I felt was the most creative. It was such an easy way to get heel heat.



Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear from Virgil and Ted DiBiase, who tells Randy Savage that this time, his luck will run out as he will get the title. Greg Valentine and Jimmy Hart run down Don Muraco to hype the 7/9 Boston Garden show.



Steve Lombardi plugs the WWF Ice Cream Bars because the cover says “Superstar,” just like himself.



Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Jerry Allen

Before the match, we see the photo of Harley Race with his head in the clouds on the bottom right corner. Also, Jimmy Hart runs out to be in Bret’s corner but gets yelled at then Jim Neidhart comes out and runs him off. Hart beats on Allen as the announcer talk about the Hart/Bad News Brown feud. Jesse believes that the Hart Foundation have gone soft for not wanting Jimmy Hart around then Bret gets the win with a piledriver (3:26).

Thoughts: They’ve now established that both Bret and the Anvil were on the same page as Neidhart denouncing Hart cements his face turn. It also pretty much established that the Hart Foundation was together again as a team and that Bret’s singles run might be over.



Mooney is back in the Event Center as we hear from Slick running down the British Bulldogs to hype the match against the Bolsheviks at the Boston Garden. We also heard from the Bulldogs as well. We then hear from Jake Roberts, who runs down Rude to hype up their match.



Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Oliver Humperdink vs. Tom Stone

Bigelow overpowers Stone to start. Stone rakes the eyes and lands some shots in the corner but ends up eating a dropkick. Bigelow then slams Stone with one hand and shortly after that puts him away with a slingshot splash as the announcers wonder who will become the new king (1:46).

Thoughts: Bigelow looked impressive but on commentary was almost treated as an afterthought. Bigelow would be gone from the WWE in several weeks



Craig DeGeorge welcome Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan to the interview platform. We are shown a slo-mo replay of Cheryl Roberts walking up to the platform last week before Rude said he knows in his mind that every mind when she kisses Jake at night, she closes her eyes and has thoughts of himself dancing in her hand. Heenan then asks Rude if he is ready to give the Rude Awakening as Heenan brings out a hand-picked woman. She comes out and goes down to the ground after the kiss as Rude starts to gyrate.



George “The Animal” Steele holds up his “Mine” doll. This was the segment designed to get these over.



Ricky Ataki vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart

Valentine chops Ataki in the corner to start. He continues to beat on Ataki as we see him in an insert promo saying that he only wears the shinguard due to an injury as Vince has his doubts. Vince tells us that Muraco is scheduled next as Valentine spins around the shinguard then applies the figure-four and immediately gets the win (1:57). After the match, Valentine re-applies the figure-four. Don Muraco and Superstar Billy Graham head out as Muraco breaks up the hold with an elbow drop. He rids Valentine from the ring then turns his attention towards Jimmy Hart, who spits at Muraco from the outside. Muraco chases Hart to the back and as Graham tries to help Ataki up, Valentine attacks him from behind. Valentine drops a few elbows as Vince screams about Graham’s recent hip surgery as Jesse notes he did not drop an elbow on his hip. Valentine then applies the figure four as Graham is in agony while a few referees attempt to pull him off. Muraco finally runs back out as Valentine flees. Graham is unable to get up as Muraco screams for help as the medical staff take Graham out on a stretcher.

Thoughts: I thought this angle was clever and well-executed. However, both guys were older and really not all that popular at the moment so it never got over as much as it probably should have. Muraco is just ridiculously jacked here.



The Intruder & Iron Mike Sharpe vs. The Rockers

The Intruder is veteran enhancement talent Jesse Cortez under a mask. Jesse notes that the Rockers look like a couple of “pretty boys” as Vince notes they are known as “tag team specialists.” We are then shown the Rockers in an insert promo as they talk about coming after Demolition, something that baffles Jesse as he thinks they are just a couple of small guys. The Rockers use their quick offense as the crowd applauds while Jesse notes they are fast and have good double-team moves. Michaels hits a fist drop from the top then tags Jannetty and hiptosses him on top of the Intruder for the win (3:26)

Thoughts: The Rockers impressed and won the crowd over at the end. The babyface side of the tag team division desperately needed new blood and the Rockers were a welcome addition.



Mooney is back in the Event Center as he calls Roberts a worm as he is lower than a snake and should face him like a man instead of attacking from behind. Elizabeth and Randy Savage are shown as Savage promises to teach DiBiase a lesson.



Next week we will see the One Mang Gang, Koko B. Ware, Ted DiBiase, and the Rockers. Plus, an interview with the entire Heenan Family and an update on the condition of Superstar Billy Graham.


Final Thoughts: Good show this week. We saw two debuts and had a good angle take place. They hyped up the major feuds and every segment had a purpose.


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