Undertaker’s title runs

Hey Scott,

I’ve always wondered why Taker never drew as WWF/E champion. He’s been in the business forever and Vince loves the guy, but Taker has surprisingly few top title runs and almost none of them were particularly memorable or lasted long (outside of maybe the WHC feud with Edge).

Was it just the nature of the gimmick? A cowboy zombie force of darkness who happens to be really into MMA doesn’t seem like a character interested in title gold. Is that why people loved him, but never really bought into him as a top guy?

​It’s less that he didn’t draw as champion and more that it didn’t help him to be champion for the longest time. The zombie character was a strong draw on its own for many years, which meant that you could run two house show circuits at the same time — the Undertaker one, and the one with the champion on top. And yeah, as a character as well he’s always seemed like someone more interested in personal vengeance than titles. ​