Never Give Up Winning Titles

With the return of John Cena on the horizon, it seems obvious that he’ll be headed into some sort of future title program. Which one of these makes the most sense and/or which one is most likely?

– IC Title: The only title that Cena has never won, he could return and say that realizing his career is winding down, he wants to get the one he’s never gotten. With The Miz, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn all vying for the title at the moment, throwing Cena into the mix would lead to a bunch of very good (although maybe not very fresh) match ups.

– US Title: Cena never got a return match after losing the title and they haven’t done anything with it in the seven months since he did drop it. Cena vs. Kalisto would make for an interesting match (even though there’s not a lot of money in it) and I don’t think anyone would be too upset to see the U.S. Open Challenge return.

– WWE Title: Roman’s reign of terror has taken place entirely with Cena on the shelf, so a Cena v. Roman main event at some point would certainly seem to book itself. Seems like an easy choice for a SummerSlam main event (especially if Brock will be feuding with the Wyatts). But would the Brooklyn crowd get behind Cena for the simple fact that he’s not Roman, or just turn on the whole thing and spend the whole match chanting doing the Fandango dance or whatever?

– Women’s Title: Stephanie fires John Cena on his first night back, so Shane signs Joan Cena to take the title from Charlotte before starting a feud with Hervina.

​OK, so Rusev won the #1 contendership to the US title on RAW, right? And Cena ​has announced that he’s coming back on Memorial Day, right?

So yeah, definitely the Women’s title one.