What in God’s name is with the building of rematches lately? Are we done asking for any semblance of planning or reason?

So, Kevin Owen’s emphatically beats Zayn at Payback. No questions asked, he didn’t cheat, he just beat him. THEN, Sami attacks Kevin. Why? He’s the face. What beef does he have? He’s a loser. Get in the back with Dean.

Then, Roman beats AJ after taking his new Phenomenal Forearm finisher three times and only using one spear. In the backstage segment, Shane said of COURSE AJ is owed a rematch. What? Why? My head?

It’s like when the League of Nations had title matches on Raw with the New Day to set up their non-title ‘Mania match. Have these writers ever watched wrestling? More than ever, it feels like everything exists in a vacuum of the current moment, with no thought given to before or after.

​AJ getting a rematch I can least buy, because he won the match twice before Roman beat him. There was no legit reason for either Shane or Steph to restart the match, though, since both times were a completely legit call by the ref. Now, where was Shane during the women’s match where the ref completely screwed Nattie out of the title, that you can complain about.​