_____’s Best Match Ever

This is something I did a while back on Tommy Hall’s website, and it might be worth doing it again here. With these wrestlers, what would you say was the best match they ever had?

1. Hogan
2. Flair
3. HBK
4. HHH
5. Austin
6. Foley
7. Bryan
8. Punk
9. Lesnar
10. Taker

​1. You could probably make a case for the Bossman cage match as far as his prime goes.

2. Steamboat in 89, take your pick.

3. Before the injury? The Undertaker match. After the injury? The other Undertaker match.

4. ​The street fight with Cactus Jack at Rumble 2000.

5. The Rock match at WM17.

6. Against Shawn at Mind Games.

7. As Daniel Bryan? Probably the Punk match at Over the Limit.

8. The Cena match at Money in the Bank. He spent the next three years living off that one.

9. The Punk match at Summerslam.

10. Gotta stick with Shawn at WM25.