#AndersonGallowsGearHashTags #Really?

Hi, Scott.

Why on earth do two badass heels have Twitter #s on their gear? I don’t even think it would work as comedy for something like #booty or #SAWFT, but I just can’t take these guys seriously with hashtags on their gear. Is WWE trying to get this to work on a pseudo-ironic/sarcastic level (kind of like giving them white versions of AJ’s entrance robes when white historically = babyface while black = heel) with the explanation that they are mocking things like #DivasRevolution or their own insistence on putting #s in the corner of the screen?

I understand people being excited about whatever the Bullet Club (#GB-4Life or whatever) ends up being called, but I don’t even think Cena or Reigns have worn something like this. It seems to me that Vince said something like, "Get these damn millenials to stop Twittering #BulletClub. Put their initials and some cryptic/intriguing code on their gear, goddammit!"

Maybe I’m just out of touch.


​Well you know how WWE loves their Twitters. ​