Hey Scott,

With Eric Young being latest TNA stalwart to jump ship to NXT. Just wondering, why did it take these guys so long to join WWE/NXT? I mean, 10 years ago, when developmental in WWE was good but not the level it is now, guys like Punk,Bryan and a lesser level Ziggler and Morrison was produced so it wasn’t like a chance wasn’t given. (ECW was also there!) Do you think it was because maybe 10 years ago, TNA could possibility challenge WWE and decided not to go, or WWE not make a move for any of them and looked elsewhere eg. ROH. Or do you think they seen what they did to Chris Harris and maybe Monty Brown and went no thank you.

I just find it funny it taken these days about 10 years to finally decided, yes NOW is the time to join WWE and also that WWE would be interested in them.

​I think it’s a combination of two factors:

​1) Previously, TNA was making enough money that they could pay guys a guaranteed wage where they didn’t have to go away from Orlando for any significant amount of time. For guys like Christian who basically lived in Florida, that was a big attraction. Now, they literally don’t have money to pay anyone and don’t have an actual home base, so really they’re just a fourth-rate touring indy with TV and there’s little incentive to go there.

2) WWE previously considered them to be competition with the Spike TV timeslot and sad attempts at Monday Night Wars, but now it’s obvious that their TV is little more than an paid infomercial and they can essentially cherry-pick pre-developed TV-ready talent for NXT and get them at a bargain price. When you’re negotiating against "zero" as a counter-offer, it’s easy to get guys for the price you want to pay.