The New “Smackdown 6”

Scott- Wanted to get your thoughts on something I’ve noticed lately. Amazingly, I’ve been watching RAW and Smackdown in recent weeks and it struck me that the WWE writers appears to be trying to re-create Paul Heyman’s old "Smackdown 6" vibe. They’ve positioned Styles, Jericho, Owens, Zayn, Cesaro & Ambrose in main event slots in every combo you can think of (singles, tags, triple threats). Not that this is a bad thing. Of course alot has to do with injuries to top stars, Cena coming back next month will un-do everything, and these guys have nowhere near the talent level of the original 6 but I think WWE has hit on a winning formula at least in the short term. We’ve actually had some pretty fun tv matches post Wrestlemania and that’s always a plus. Am I looking at this right or just waxing nostalgic for better booking days gone by? Again, thanks and keep up the great work.

​People are waxing nostalgic for 2002 already? Anyway, the difference is that the guys in the Smackdown 6 were all past or future World champions (except for Kerwin White), whereas the guys you’ve named are basically midcard filler at this point and unlikely to progress past where they are. Heyman showcased his guys to elevate them, Vince showcases these guys to fill time because Cena and HHH don’t wanna work Tuesdays.​